Eat Lean

A very popular question I get asked everyday on social media is: “Owity when you say you eat lean foods, what are those lean foods?” The real question is, what you should avoid eating to get lean. If you want to get lean, so you have that flat stomach for the beach this Summer, I recommend that you stick to the following rules:

1: Stay away from any type of drink other than Water or Protein shakes. That means, Soda, Pop, Juice (unless its freshly squeezed). Consume lots of water throughout your day.

2: Avoid getting take out food, and I’m talking about everywhere, yes, that includes Subway. Subway is unhealthy, processed meats, sauces are full of calories, and the breads just as bad. Don’t eat out, period.

3: People are always counting calories, it’s not all about calories. For example: Eating 100 calories of Chips is different from consuming 100 calories in Almonds.

4: Craving a snack, go for trail mix or a banana, despite how tempting ice cream & chips are.

Trail Mix - Chips - Eat Lean 5: Cut down on bread, or if you can, cut bread out completely. Toast, pita bread, buns, bagels, any type of bread.

6: Cheese is your new worst enemy. Stay away from cheese, processed, cream cheese, cottage. Stay away.

7:  Keep away from various types of meats, such as pork, don’t consume too much beef and when eating chicken, stick to chicken breast. Make various types of fish, your new type of go-to meat.

8: Last but not least .. Cardio. Even twice a week, squeeze in some Cardio it’ll pay off.

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