I have always known Nicole Miller has a very well established designer, I was sort of really surprised when I was notified she has been on, All On The Line with Joe Zee. But as I watched the episode, the further I got into it. I understood why she was on the show.

I have known for quite sometime Nicole Miller designed clothing other than formal wear. You know your typical prom, red carpet, special event dress. But the quantity of how Nicole Miller’s designs other than formal wear never came to my mind. As mentioned earlier I was aware Nicole Miller had designed other things, but not that many other things. And might I add I love her creations, modern, different and definitely very chic. Take a look for yourself.

Nicole Miller (Fall-RTW11) - Look 8

Nicole Miller (Fall-RTW11) – Look 8

I would describe this look as a night out in NYC. Very chic, trendy and quite modern, though I must say I would picture this dress a more girls night out type look.

Nicole Miller (Fall-RTW11) - Look 11

Nicole Miller (Fall-RTW11) – Look 11

This look overall I am not a big fan of. Though if you decided to take each piece of clothing into different outfits, the items could definitely be a catch. That shirt with those pants, talk about casual, I am referring mostly to the pants. The pants are much too casual which causes the shirt to come out more than it is needed. But that top is definitely wearable, also very modern.

Nicole Miller (Fall-RTW11) - Look 25

Nicole Miller (Fall-RTW11) – Look 25

I love this. Yesterday I wrote an article on what women should wear to the office. This right here is a prime example as office appropriate. I like the different shades of gray on the shirt and the orange sleeves are a perfect touch. This I would recommend to wear during the day. This dress speaks; I’m fashionable, sophisticated and I know what I’m doing.

Nicole Miller (Fall-RTW11) - Look 15

Nicole Miller (Fall-RTW11) – Look 15

This look is quite the creation. The shoes and belt are pure gold with this dress. I like the fact the sleeves stand out in this outfit but not too much. Navy with black, a combination that seems to never fail together. As long as you have the right amount of each color! This look is very wearable to the office as well. You will have your co-workers giving you lots of compliments with this one. This look speaks sophistication, confident and conservative .



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