Electronic duo, Daft Punk .. better known as the gods of EDM (Electronic Dance Music) are interviewed on BBC Radio 1. It has sure been a while since they have done an interview, it has also been quite a while since they have released anything, 2005 to be exact.

The interview is quite interesting, hearing the French Duo speak for the first time since forever is quite nice. Daft Punk talk about their upcoming album Random Access Memories which will be released on May 21. They also speak of the past with Pete Tong, as well as how they came up with some of the collaborations they have with some different artists in the album.

Daft Punk explain, that their album Random Access Memories will remind us of electronic music made in the 70′s. They plan on remixing some of their own music, they also state they will have some visuals (music video’s) but not too much, just enough.

Daft Punk state they will not plead whether they will be touring or not yet. They advise everyone to first enjoy their music and decisions will be finalized later.

Daft Punk speak to Pete Tong on BBC Radio 1:

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