Trends make the fashion world go crazy. Trends are what people race towards, trends are what people follow and most importantly trends are what make the fashion world go round and round. Think of it like a currency in a country, or money in the world. Very similar aspect.

It seems designers love collaborating with almost anything they can get their hands on, not always but in a sense, yes. We all remember the famous Karl Lagerfeld Diet Coke bottle which was promoted for quite some time, by one of my favorite models as well .. Coco Rocha.

And then not too much longer we had MR. Jean Paul Gaultier joining the trend of designing his very own diet coke bottle as well!

And now we have a third edition of the diet coke bottle to the collection. He is the designer for Louis Vuitton, he’s the head designer for the most iconic and memorable brand in New York City, Marc Jacobs yall! Check out Marc Jacob’s new edition of the Diet Coke Bottle .

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