So I am sure you are all aware that Ultra Music Festival has officially kicked off in Miami. And with any occasion, fashion is always a concern. I wanted to analyze what the women and yes specifically women wear to music festivals. Because I have seen some stuff, I thought .. oh for the love of god. Now a great reason why women go crazy at such places, well I mean this is an electronic musical festival that goes on for days and is absolutely crazy. But wearing rubbish for that reason is no excuse!

Enough about that, many women chose to wear neon clothing, I guess they want to portray themselves as ‘ravers’ for the day, others wear very revealing clothing. For example bottoms that show off their cellulite behinds like no other. I do not understand the personal confidence in women anymore. Because you are wearing revealing clothing, this does not mean you are more attractive. An attractive girl is acknowledged upon her looks and is confident wearing many different things which do not show her body in a provocative way, but lets face it she sure as hell still looks attractive.

What words to use to describe these women, well for one thing I would say wannabe bimbos/ravers. Is this mayhem all over their body really necessary, is it? These women would both have a much more classy feel to them if they were in simple bikini or say jean shorts and a bikini top.

These girls simply look like prostitutes, let’s be honest. Each and every single one of these ladies looks repulsive. Look, if you do not have the  right thighs, do not show them off doll. And why are you hanging your ass out so much, I think you are mixing up what lingerie and bikini’s are. Those fur shoes? Someone obviously does not know their seasonsonal wear. As you can see I can go on and on, there are so many things wrong with these women.  Is this festival wear, yes average festival wear and obviously festival wear for those with the least amount of respect for themselves.

Now check out this simple Lanvin maxi dress bottom, its classy, its fresh and totally chic. What is wrong with this, I’d say nothing. Such a piece of clothing will actually keep you very cool so it is very ideal for the Miami weather.

Will you still look hot? Of course you will. Like I say when I go to the beach, there is nothing more I want to see from a lady than wearing a simple maxi dress while sitting in a low lawn chair as she reads a book. That’s classy.

Ladies many of you lack class today, forget morals and ethics I am speaking upon fashion here. A maxi dress is totally Ultra Music Festival ideal and perfect example of festival wear!

Sure you may not have your behind hanging out like many of the other ladies, but what says class like a simple chic maxi dress.

This is a Chanel full body maxi dress, its colorful, it has a summer feel to it and it is totally beach/festival appropriate. The way you present yourself is the way you are treated upon the opposite species (the male). I have not understood to this day why neon and revealing clothing is suggested so often when deciding festival wear.

If anything you look like every woman out there in the crowd. A maxi dress says, unique, chic and hot! Festival wear should consist of more than neon and cellulite behinds hanging out. Fix it up ladies, maxi dresses are hot and very classy. Give it a go!

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