Even though I am more of a blogger, PR, editorial and columnist type of guy. I would have to say there is no one I look up to more than Mr. Joe Zee in the fashion industry. My description of Joe Zee is that he is a style machine.

Joe Zee is from Toronto, Canada, where I myself am also from and have spent a great amount of my teen years. I have been subscribed to ELLE Magazine now, since I was about 16 years old, a couple years. Every time I browse the magazine, I will be honest with you all. I tend not to read everything in it. Everybody has their own interests, for example I skip the beauty sections. But a part of ELLE Magazine I am always excited to read and analyze is Joe Zee monthly section.

This section consists of Joe Zee tackling tacky, boring and outdated clothes and creating them into something completely new. Making that boring look, modern, fashionable, updated and chic. From what I have read and seen, Joe Zee can honestly work wonders when it comes to styling. Joe Zee is also very well known for styling many of the celebrities which cover ELLE Magazine at times. Why am I not surprised.

Lately I have been watching All On the Line quite often. All On The Line is where Joe Zee helps out a designer in a area where they may need help. Some situations contain a designer who is at a make it or break it point. Others may have be having trouble targeting young adults, the situations are unlimited really.

Joe Zee seems to be able to come in and take care of the job no matter what it may consist of. A genius, a style machine and quite the knowledged man.

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