Kardashians On Jimmy Kimmel Live

Kim and Kourtney Kardashian were on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show last night. Yes I know, another interview for these two. It feels as if, as soon as their show began the other week. They have not been out of the press, media and obviously interviews!

Both Kardashian sisters wore black, but in very different ways. Kourtney chose a low-cut suit and beret; Kim wore a short lace dress just loose enough to cover her small baby bump. A very wise choice for the one reality star. Both sisters had also chosen to wear red lipstick. Kim’s lipstick choice was rather smart, just the right shade. Kourtney on the other hand sure did go berserk with her choice of red lipstick. It was way too bright. Were they trying to match? Who really knows. I loved what Kim chose to wear I must say, a small chic lace dress. Not too short nor too long. As Karl Lagerfeld always says “One is never over-dressed or underdressed with a Little Black Dress.”

She also wore a pair of gold/black heels, everyone knows black and gold go together. But not too much, just the right amount, like Kim.

Moving onto Kourtney choice of style on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show. Not so smart, her first mistake was attempting to overpower her sister Kim’s red lipstick shade. Yes red lipstick may work with black but be careful or else you might end up looking like you came from a Halloween event just minutes ago.

And seriously what is up with her posture. If you’re going to attempt to dress like your from Paris, you might as well act like it too.  My advice to Kourtney is; lose the red lipstick, get a semi somewhat push-up bra, fix your posture and get a tighter blazer to show off those curves you’ve been working on trying to get back after your previous pregnancy.

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