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When enjoying something you do, such as a sport, hobby or whatever it may be. In my case blogging. Many if not all,  tend to find ourselves looking up towards those who do what we enjoy to do, though the difference is those who we look up to. Do what we do, just in a much more professional and successful manner.  Someone who I look up to very much in the fashion industry, is Kyle Anderson (Editor). A very wise, well acknowledged persona in the fashion scene today. Being Accessories Director of MARIE CLAIRE magazine, Kyle is sure knowledge upon the Fashion scene inside and out! Been very fortunate in having a good relationship with Kyle, I had convinced him on having a post to post interview for I personally choose a couple questions which I had thought many of you would love answered by such a persona in the fashion scene, and who better to ask these questions too, then Kyle Anderson himself! Well I am delighted today to share this interview with you all. Hope you enjoy.

Kyle Anderson - Photographed by: Leandro Justen

Kyle Anderson – Photographed by: Leandro Justen

Kyle Anderson Interview For

1. What are your thoughts upon fashion designers recreating old fashion clothing/styles and interrupting them into modern day wear? – owitY 

I think when a designer is hired at a house with a long and rich history like Dior, Chanel, Balenciaga; it’s important to look at the past to see what the essence of the brand is and then use that mixed with other outside influences as inspiration. - Kyle Anderson


2. If having to choose, which fashion capital do you believe is the most influential within the fashion industry and why? – owitY 

Paris. Paris designers are artists, dreamers. They don’t care much necessarily about selling- which could be a big problem obviously. But their work is special, new, revolutionary, magical. Paris is where we see really NEW ideas. - Kyle Anderson


3. What is your personal opinion on accessories. Do you believe accessories are a must with each individual outfit and is it possible to
over do it? – owitY

For me. More is more. I like a lot of jewellery on girls. I don¹t think you can over do it. If its all expensive pieces. I don’t like costume jewellery. And I don¹t like cheap shoes or bags. If you wear real gold, diamonds, etc. For jewellry you can never get enough. I hate plastic jewellery or fake metals. – Kyle Anderson


4. Do you believe shades (Black&White) are a necessity within fashion or do you rather prefer an overall original colour? - owitY

I love black. It’s my favorite color. I can never get enough black. If I had my own magazine I would choose one issue and make EVERYTHING black. Black bags, black clothes, black everything. I’m kind of obsessed with black. And PS- I hate pastels. – Kyle Editor


5. What are you predicting and hoping to see in the world of fashion for the year of 2013? – owitY 

No idea. I only edit what designers make. I don’t predict. I wish to see sexy, black, rock n roll, very helmut newton inspired looks, always. – Kyle Anderson


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