Kyle Richards Style Choice

I love reality shows. I love, love reality shows, I always have and always will. Seeing I am guy, many automatically get confused and begin to think things. Though I am very close to my femininity, sorry guys, with all due respect to those who are, I myself am not gay. Without that being said, back to reality shows. One of my favorite reality tv shows is Real Housewives series. I began with watching New York which is the second city to host the show. I later began to watch the Beverly Hills version which instantly became my favorite. Why? Beverly Hills all. The city of rich’s, fame and of course glamour! The housewives are richer, snobber and just that much more famous. What’s not to like right?

Earlier this week we all watched Kyle Richards make her way to the art gallery in Beverly Hills, which Brandi Glanville had invited everyone too. I have always liked Kyle and her choice of style has always been rather appealing, maybe not the best but at most times rather appealing. Without all that being said, I could not decide what she was thinking when she wore that headband in this week’s episode. As soon as she showed up to the art gallery, many questioned her choice of style and lets not forget, her own husband Mauricio Umansky was even confused. Mauricio says “ouu you look cute in your little school girl headband, Arabic styled”. I myself am Arabic and I would like to say this has nothing to do with my culture, with all due respect to Mauricio. My point here, Kyle ‘your middle name’ Richards. What were you thinking doll? That headband made her look like she was trying out for a movie role in Hollywood, it made sense and all I mean they are in Hollywood. At time’s reality stars, musicians, whoever they may be, think it is okay to go all out with fashion choice, I believe one must have a unique look but one must always study what they are actually wearing. I love uniqueness, something I have actually always aimed for, but in this case, I mean lets be real here. She looks sort of ridiculous. What you think about Kyle Richards style choice?

Mauricio Umansky (left) - Kyle Richards (centre) - Taylor Armstrong (right)

Mauricio Umansky (left) – Kyle Richards (centre) – Taylor Armstrong (right)

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