Ne-Yo, More Like No-Yo

After years of reading the press, I have noticed many things. One of those things being the obvious acts of some musicians. Have you not noticed every time a musician is not exactly in the spotlight in their industry, they begin to take another route of entertainment. Well if you’re not so sure on what I’m speaking about exactly, allow me to explain. Ne-Yo all, a semi well known R&B musician. Yes not exactly in the spotlight at the moment, seeing he has not released a new hit single in quite a while. Ne-Yo decided to take a different route of entertainment and made an appearance at Versace Couture Fashion Show in Paris. He was spotted with Versace designer, Dontella Versace and actor Olivia Munn.

I began this article to speak about Ne-Yo fashion choice. Stepping into a new industry, he obviously did not know what to wear or in better words how to wear it! Wearing a wool coat, with a cobalt and black Versace suit and of course, his signature black fedora.  A black wool coat goes with anything really, blacks a shade. Shades work with practically anything, seeing it was also the outer layer of what he decided to wear, obviously he did not wear it inside. Now the dark blue/black Versace suit I believe did not work for him at all! The pants did not have a good fit for him, nor did that matching blazer go with his signature black fedora. The outfit choice for Ne-Yo was bad enough, though adding his signature black fedora put the cherry on top towards why he should not have been wearing what he was wearing. Though I must say I somewhat admire and respect his passion towards Versace and Dontella Versace, his shirt was a simple overload. I would have worn a plain black shirt instead, the large Versace logo takes attention from the overall outfit.

When you wear a flashy outfit, make sure the ‘flash’ stays upon one outfit, it’s only appropriate. Ne-Yo on the other hand went over the cliff. Now we all know some celebrities have a ‘signature look’ a look they combine with almost everything they wear. This I think is stupid, very stupid. Ne-Yo signature look is a black fedora and oversized sunglasses. Do I really have to explain myself here? A formal elegant matching Versace suit does not go with a black fedora and sunglasses. What type of style is he trying to pull off? I admire that Ne-Yo may have his own signature style, but he must understand he cannot blend it with everything he decides to wear. This is a significant example!

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