I am sure you have all acknowledged the fact, I love models. I guess you could say this is a minor factor to why I am in the fashion industry.

When I came to the knowledge that a close old friend of mine was now a Playboy Bunny. I was very interested on how she did it and how it is. So I caught up with my good old friend Aurélie Renout with an interview for my blog.


How were you proposed with the oppurtuniy to become a Playboy bunny at the Playboy Casino in CANCUN?

My best friend, and Mexico Playmate for February 2013 Khloe was previously working here, and she came up with the brilliant idea to have me, being her best friend, live the Playboy bunny life together! Probably the best idea she’s ever come up with hahaha!! :)

What is the most favorite thing about what you do?

My favorite thing about being a Bunny at the casino would be all the tourists from around the world that I get to meet, and the look of intrigue on their face when they see a Playboy Bunny in front of them. I’m honored and flattered to represent the company, and make their experience at the casino that much more enjoyable!

Because of getting this position, do you plan on portraying a career in the modelling industry?

I’ve considered it many times before the position, but being a bunny really makes you realize your potential in that field.. I guess we’ll just say ‘we’ll see’ ;)

What is your hometown?

My hometown is Whitby!! Aha, I actually lived in a village called Brooklin, inside to a farm. Despite being a full-on hick living individual, I’m the biggest city girl ever!

Does this job suit you and how exactly?

Honestly, I never pictured myself as a Playboy Bunny, or any kind of model for that matter. I surprised myself when I realized how well the job description actually suited my personality more than anything! Bunnies need to be friendly, social, and in a way represent a man’s fantasy that he can’t have.. and luckily, I guess I could represent most of the requirements.. well I like to think so ahaha!

What is your ethnic background?

I’m half Chinese and half French, but above all I am one hundred percent Canadian baby!

Do you miss owitY?

Every second baby! My Oh’Titties for lyf3

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