With this world growing each day, population wise. This makes each and every industry tougher and more importantly more competitive. Many ask me why I blog fashion, if I make any sort of money from it and etc. I believe you should do something cause you love it and from there perks begin to come in as you do it more and more. By the way, I blog fashion because I have an opinionated voice sitting inside of me about fashion and it needs to vent.

Blogging is my way of venting my opinion on a subject I completely, live, breathe and LOVE! (FASHION)

As frustrating as blogging is well I mean the competition on the net is honestly scary, by scary I mean there are so many people and so many bloggers. Am I disappointed I do not have the image in the fashion industry like Bryan Boy or Bag Snob or perhaps Tom & Lorenzo do (my three favorite fashion bloggers), yes I am. But with patience comes everything.



Daily Front Row is a major fashion Magazine.



Nigel Barker is a fashion photographer and also host of America’s Next Top Model seasons 2-18 and now host of The Face



Amy Odell is a fashion columnist for BuzzFeed




Bag Snob (Tina) is one of the most well established fashion bloggers to hit the face of the earth.


But one thing I have noticed is the increasing amount of image I am beginning to receive in the fashion industry. Do I remind you I am currently only 18 years old. I have received mentions, tweets and followed from some of the top persona’s in the fashion industry today. These mentions are just recent and by recent I mean the past three days.



Joe Zee is ELLE Magazines Creative Director




GUESS (the brand)




Gigi Hadid, a favorite teen model of mine




Stefano Gabbana who is half of Dolce & Gabbana


I would like to THANK all these different fashion persona’s because they are a great inspiration and strive and push. With this sort of attention I am beginning to see myself gaining a name in the industry as a well respected opinionated voice in fashion. I also would like to THANK all my viewers on I would also not have the image I have today without you all!

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