I have been keeping my eyes pealed to, THE FACE. I love this show. Besides the fact I love, fashion, models and well the entire fashion industry. The Face is a great show, rather than being much similar to America’s Next Top Model, this show has 3 well established super model judges with different contestants. I prefer not to blab and spoil it, if you have not already, you should definitely check it out!

I caught up very late on last week’s episode, I had quite the eventful week. A great reason for why I wanted to make a post on this week’s episode was because of some of the judging that had gone down.

Team Coco, Team Karolina and Team Naomi were all advised to have a photo shoot for Marshalls Spring Lookbook. Watching the show I was very much bothered by Marshalls representative, Jen Rade. As knowledge and well established she may be, I was not feeling her attitude one single bit.

To be judged on someones capability is one thing, to give clear and unprofessional attitude is another thing. If any of you were watching this week’s episode, I am sure you noticed some of Nigel Barker and Coco Rocha facial expressions when hearing Jen Rade speak.

As I watched Jen Rade observe her companies Lookbook photoshoot, I was bothered at all times. She seemed mad throughout the entire shoot, her facial expressions spoke nothing but anger. – Margaux and Stephanie are beginning to do the Marshalls shoot as Jen Rade says “hurry up, like tik-tok” - Nigel then just stares at her with his mouth open for quite a number of seconds.

Jen Rade the harshly says “why are you not grabbing this and that” I mean that’s one thing, but this woman seems to be mad during the WHOLE entire shoot, absurd I think! I will be honest and say her judgements were very much accurate I mean she is a professional and all. But her attitude and vibe was not humble nor acceptable what so ever.

Coco Rocha says ” This thing over here was just throwing out compliment” – My message to Jen Rade, you’re a professional and you are one for a reason. Though I must say most times you did not act like one. Quit with the negative public compliments. I could continue to raddle on this subject but my words will only share so much of an image towards everything. Those who watched, I am sure you know what I am speaking of and those who have not, I advise you do. It was brutal.

I tweeted Jen Rade earlier today and she did not seem to happy about someone else compliment this time, mine.

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