I’m gonna be honest, the last time I bothered to think about Vanessa Hudgen’s, was probably High School Musical, which is what made her in the acting industry. I know, quite the time ago!

Vanessa was on the Jay Leno show earlier this week, she wore a Alice+Olivia dress. Did I like her dress? I mean thought the dress was alright, I liked the color and shape it gave off but the material and the sparkle the dress gave off, quite tacky.

When I think a sparkly tight dress I think nothing but tacky. Oh yeah is it me or does Vanessa Hudgens look bigger? Anyways the amounts of girls in my graduating grade chose to wear similar. Minus that fact, I have always thought of these dresses as A Class Tacky. I must say, I love the fit and the design of the dress. But that was sure ruined with what was done, oh yea Vanessa Hudgens could you do me the favor and calm it down with those tacky/ugly fake nails.

I would have to say, those heels are also way too tacky for that tacky dress. I mean this type of fitted dress on a woman deserves a pair of sophisticated/sexy heels. Miss Vanessa Hudgen’s thought and did wrong.

My favourite part of the show? I’d say it was watching Vanessa Hudgen’s booty pop. Back to being a critic though, Vanessa Hudgens sounded a slight bit dumb during this interview; see it all for yourself.


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