I am sure you have all gotten used to me explaining quite a bit before sharing a show with you all. Well in this case I am sharing the Chanel show, what is there really to say right? Chanel has been around forever, in several different aspects in fashion. And yes they are very famous for their Haute Couture dresses. I mean, fashion king/genius Karl Lagerfeld is behind it all, do I need to say more? Karl Lagerfeld has been renowned for quite the while now for his Couture dresses.

This year’s show was beyond creative, Karl Lagerfeld really put in the work. An artistic old theater in Paris, the models walked off the stage, into the bottom level of the theater, they then walked around the theater, in this case known as the runway. My favourite part of the show, was when Karl Lagerfeld came out with all the models and they revealed a futuristic city in the background. Karl Lagerfeld sending us all a strong metaphor, stating: the future of fashion is more alive than ever and that we have much to look forward towards his future designs for Chanel.

As much as I would love to continue sharing how much I enjoyed this years Chanel Couture Fall 2013 show. I rather you view the review I previously wrote on Chanel Haute Couture Fall 2013 show, including Top 3 Looks. Read more here:

Here is the show for all of you to enjoy, and if you missed it, I request you take a watch! Enjoy the show.

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