Ulyana Segeenko, ever heard her, if not you’re missing out on a lot. Though very famous high end designers tend to create amazing creations every year during all sorts of different fashion weeks. I always believe it is key to look at designers some of us may have not heard of. I have been a fan of Ulyana Segeenko for quite bit not, you should be too now. Because wow, what a designer! This year’s show was ecstatic. Everything about it, the runway was a long, thick and beige. The show involved around pieces when talking about couture, materials like silk, velvet, fur, lace and more were all used during this year Ulyana Segeenko Fall Couture 2013 collection.

Was wearable? Many looks in this collection were definitely wearable, though the collection did have many exotic looking couture dresses. Not so much ‘wearable art’, but definitely fascinating and beautiful. What I really enjoyed about this year Ulyana Segeenko Fall Couture 2013 collection, was that the color scheme throughout the collection was everywhere. Couture dresses of all sorts were created, to cover such a wide amount of different couture dresses (colour wise/look wise), was definitely interesting to see being done.

I had previously written a review on Ulyana Segeenko Fall Couture 2013 collection, I included my Top 3 favourite Looks, read more here:

And not I would like to share the FULL Ulyana Segeenko Fall Couture 2013 collection with you all on video, enjoy the show!

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