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What is the Affordable Art Fair?

    The Affordable Art Fair has welcomed over 2.5 million visitors worldwide and aims to create a welcoming environment in which to discover the joys of art collecting. With 13 fairs in 10 cities in 2019, the Affordable Art Fair continues to be an art center showcasing some of the best and most unique artworks from around the world today. The fair makes art accessible and appeals to a broad audience, from young and old to artists and collectors to collectors of all ages.

    With a light-hearted and accessible approach, this global brand is revolutionizing and democratizing the art market. Once again, "Affordable" does not mean you can get a painting for five dollars, though that would be great. With a lighter, more accessible approach, these global brands are revolutionizing the art market and the art market! 

Affordable Art Fair

     The Affordable Art Fair employs nearly 70 full-time employees and has offices in every city in which it operates, and employs nearly 100 full-time employees. In addition to the annual fairs in London and New York, there will be a second event in Battersea Park, featuring a different artist than the October event. 

In 2007, the company began to expand into Europe, starting with the opening of a trade fair in Amsterdam. By extending this inclusive philosophy to the Internet, Affordable Art Fair has created an online marketplace. 

     The organisation has long been a pioneer of radical transparency and, since the beginning of the exhibition, has demanded that works of art be marked with information about each piece, including the price. In the wake of the introduction of e-commerce in the US, Seis says that this initial push was a success. It was about making art accessible to everyone, "Seis explains. 

     The Affordable Art Fair not only specializes in original art, but is also a great proponent of prints and limited editions. Each year, limited edition prints are created, creating a unique and unique experience for a limited number of people in the United States and around the world. Affordable Art Fair must label every artwork on the wall, including the name, edition, size and price. 

Affordable Art Fair

     In 2013, artists from a wide range of media were asked to create artworks that contained the fair's signature pink. There are online galleries that are trying to do something similar to the new ArtOpen, which combines social media with art sales, so that artists can upload their works, have other users rate them, set a price, and get 100 percent of what they are asking for. It is a great opportunity to present artists who are little known and unknown to the cultural masses. 

The painter Nika Zupancic played her part in the success of the fair, most recently as a guest artist at the ArtOpen 2013 in New York. 

     This year, we will focus on the fair's special platform to support emerging artists and curators. Initiatives available to the public include a stimulating dialogue with artists, artists "representatives and artists" representatives. We will be pleased about the new opening hours, which will allow us to open for hours on Thursday, as well as the opening hours of the fair on Friday and Saturday. 

Topics will include how art, design and ideas can be achieved, as well as the history of art and design in the United States and other countries. 

     Since 1999, the Affordable Art Fair has inspired collectors from around the world, and the 6th Hong Kong edition will feature 115 galleries showcasing over 1,000 high-quality, inexpensive artworks. The 2018 edition presents high-quality galleries that showcase new works, as well as new galleries that offer a strong representation of emerging and established artists. With around 1,000 exhibiting artists, this fair is a great opportunity for experienced collectors to add fresh artists to their existing collections, and for new buyers to embark on their own art journey. 

affordable Art Fair

     With over 1000 works of art on display, visitors can discover the joy of art, define themselves through personal taste and let individuality reign. With time - as society becomes poor - the fair brings a new audience to the galleries, which can then become loyal long-term customers. The fair offers the opportunity to get in touch with more than 50 gallery owners and discover their artists outside of traditional spaces. 

     With a number of prestigious galleries already committed, the Affordable Art Fair will see over 100 carefully curated galleries from around the world, including 48 Asian, 48 European and 48 Asian. This year, leading emerging and medium artists will return, represented by artists from the United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Korea, Japan, China, India and South Africa. 

     At this year's fair, there really is a fascinating variety of modern and classical art to admire. There are 21 galleries exhibiting works by artists from around the world, from the United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Korea, Japan, China, India and South Africa. The works range from paintings and sculptures to sculptures, paintings, drawings, prints, ceramics, sculptures and prints, to name just a few. 


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