Alec Monopoly - Artist Profile

    Alec Monopoly is the alias of Los Angeles-based graffiti artist, famous for his subversive appropriation of legendary pop characters and trademark depiction of the Monopoly board game mascot character. Combining elements of this game's characters with financially apocalyptic clippings from papers, the artist satirically combines Pop Art with cultural criticism and social commentary. 

    ALEC Monopoly art has generated one of the most internationally recognizable artwork brands now. By integrating his character together with all the surface of"Mr. Monopoly", a personality made by Dan Fox and made famous by the"Parker Brothers" manufacturer, ALEC has managed to handle current events and communicate messages through paint which has collectors salivating about having a bit of his work.

     As a"Celebrity Artist", ALEC polarizes his supporters with his character of extravagant living, innumerable high-profile customers, along with his trademark top hat along with facemask hiding his identity. 

Alec Monopoly

    Monopoly has been the seventh most-searched performer at Artnet's Price Database this past year, has over a thousand Instagram followers, also counts actors such as Miley Cyrus and Snoop Dogg one of his collectors.

Alec Monopoly's Art / Meaning 

    Street artist Alec Monopoly takes his name out of the transaction-based board game in which players purchase and sell land, accumulate money, and attempt to make their opponents go bankrupt.

    The artist uses the character of Rich Uncle Pennybags, the game's suited mascot, to deliver his critique of capitalist greed. In Monopoly's tableaux, performed on city surfaces or on newsprint and framed, the moustached personality sprints using a moneybag beneath one arm, laments the absence of universal health care, and gets crushed by a policeman with a bully club.

    Monopoly uses a cartoonish style to comment on real-world troubles, delivering a simplified and exaggerated message yet justified in its decrial of a broken economic system. The very first actual figure Monopoly painted was Bernie Madoff, whom he considers the ultimate symbol of financial collapse. He also uses animation characters Scrooge McDuck and Richie Rich in his job. 

Alec Monopoly Art

    Alec Monopoly recently got in on the NFT (non fungible token) Art space. Not only has he created a few pieces, but he's now a cofounder of ArtGrails, a NFT market place. 

Alec Monopoly's feud with Mike Mozart 

    Mike Mozart recalls the day he fulfilled ALEC in a movie production studio in Beverly Hills. He had no concept that ALEC are there, and in the moment, hadn't ever heard of this then-emerging road artist. He moved on to discuss a number of his own drawings together with ALEC and states he (ALEC) was quite enamoured with him. "He was really eager to meet me, he bought a few art/drawing equipment from me," Mozart adds, admitting that ALEC was functioning on artwork in this trip.

    Now we don't know who's exactly correct in this argument. But artist's copying other aritst's is something that has gone on for centuries. A recent is "artist" Mr Brainwash, who after discovered Banksy .. all of a sudden claimed he was an artist. 

    This experience led to what's thought to be a working relationship and friendship of nearly 4 decades between the two artists where Mozart says he inspired the design of ALEC's puppy,"Bruisa", suggesting how close both became like buddies. 

Alec Monopoly Art

The Rainmaker - by: Mike Mozart

    Mike Mozart, An illustrator for more than 30 decades, specializes in producing some of their very recognizable child personalities for many businesses. Has been printed in over 100 children' books and has been also among the very first live YouTube broadcasters out of"Occupy Wall Street" rallies in NYC. Mike gained prominence throughout his Jeepers Media brand and his station branded"TheToyChannel", but very few people (at least the ones I've spoken ) have heard of this artist"MiMo" that is Mike's moniker as a graffiti/street artist.

To this day, Mike Mozart claims Alec Monopoly work was inspired by himself. Alec has always made it clear he disagrees. 






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