Banksy Chicago Exhibit with 80 original works

     A West Loop venue, where Chicago's "Art of Banksy” exhibit was scheduled to be held, announced that organizers were "nowhere found." However organizers claim frequent changes in agreements between the parties are to blame for the decision to move it.

    Organizers claim that the event is not being cancelled and are looking for a new venue.

    “We regret that due to irreconcilable differences between our organization and the owners of Epiphany Center for the Arts, we are currently confirming an alternate venue for The Art of Banksy,” organizers said. “Epiphany Center’s management team frequently changed the terms of our agreement in a way that made producing the show in this venue untenable.” 

Banksy Chicago

  Flower Thrower - Banksy  

    The internationally acclaimed exhibit features authenticated and original works that are associated with the most fascinating and talked about artist of modern history. Prints, screenprints and sculptures are on display. They were mostly created between 1997 and 2008, which is the time Banksy's most well-known and recognizable period.

    This exhibit includes iconic Banksy works like 'Girl and Balloon, 'Flower Thrower, and 'Rude Copper' as well as some lesser-known masterpieces. Banksy's outdoor art can be found on streets around the globe. This is what makes him most famous. Banksy's indoor works, which are original and unique works on paper, wood, and canvas, have been more exposed and are on display at this exhibit.


Banksy Chicago Exhibit

Rude Cooper - Banksy  

    The artwork have lived in private homes and investors warehouses. It's a look behind the scenes at Banksy's work. This is a rare opportunity to view this many Banksy pieces. There is no place in the world with more than 80 pieces in one location.

Banksy Chicago Exhibit

    Tickets range in the price from approximately $40 to $75, according to the exhibit's website.

    The venue said ticket sales were done solely through the exhibit's organizers and those with questions surrounding tickets or ticket refunds should contact (844) 871-1358 or

Banksy Banksy Art Contemporary Art

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