Banksy Street Art - Most Famous Work

    Banksy street art is known worldwide, the fact he's an anonymous graffiti hero whose identity is constantly debated by conspiracy theorists. He is also a political gadfly who weighs in on everything, from Israel's treatment occupying Palestinian after the British did. He even owns a hotel called The Walled Off Hotel in the occupied land, in Bethlehem. 

    Amongst many other world causes he's weighed in on through his artwork. His recent work has been sold at auction for upwards $1.2 million. Banksy art is known throughout the globe, many have seen his work but may not be familiar with the artist behind the work. 

    Banksy began his graffiti/street art career by admiring the works of Blek Le Rat. He often recycled the artist's old ideas, moulding his own distinctive voice and style as he went. Initially, he was part of a graffiti crew in Bristol by the name of DryBreadZ Crew or DBZ. 

Banksy Street Art

Banksy working on a piece outside of a jail in England.  

    Soon after, he began to partner with Inkie, another notable graffiti street artist. Banksy's art stencil-heavy motifs of rats, cops, children with balloons have become part and parcel of our cultural vocabulary. It's difficult to choose just six works that best represent the artist's vision, but we have listed below six of our favorites. Banksy's career was marked by risk-taking, experimentation, and daring playfulness. 

    Bristol street artist Banksy is perhaps the most famous and well-known graffiti artist in the world. He has created an amazing number of works over his career. His art can be described as witty, humorous, thought-provoking, ironic and funny by some, while others see it as vandalism of property. 

    Banksy art often consists of multi-layered stencils that are combined with other media. 

    When some think of Banksy art, they instantly think of the Little Girl with the Heart Shaped Balloon, because it's Banksy's most famous piece of work. But if you look at Banksy's art in an influential sense with a strong message behind the work, you should really known about these 6 pieces of art he's done. 

Banksy Artwork

Girl Frisking Solider - Banksy 

    This artwork was created in the West Bank, Palestine. The little girl frisking the solider speaks to the occupation currently going on in Palestine. Unfortunately, this piece ended up getting carved out and sold at an auction in Southhampton, New York. 

Banksy Most Famous Art

Untitled - Banksy 

    This piece suggests to implement the use of the rising sea levels in the world. Banksy shared this piece on his instagram twice, once showcasing the artwork. The second (this photo), shows the rise of water comparing to the original photograph. 

Banksy Art

 Slave Labor Mural - Banksy 

    This piece Banksy successfully shows the reality of modern day child labour. Exploited to produce many cheap items sold. 

Banksy Palestine

Untitled - Banksy 

    The message is clear with this one. The meaning within this art falls back on the location of where it was made. Banksy did this in Gaza, Palestine. Gaza is on the edge of Palestine and is currently closed off from all access by the occupation of Israel. Banksy used a secret illegal tunnel in order to enter Gaza. 

Banksy Valentines

Valentine's Day - Banksy 

    The meaning behind this one is tough. Considering both the day it was done and the flowers, it's been associated with Valentine's Day.

Banksy Capitalism

 Coney Island Adventures - Banksy 

.   This piece was done during Banksy's extensive month long New York City trip. Where he created some form of art within the city for 30 days straight. The message in this artwork is quite clear, its a flashlight on corrupt capitalism. 


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