Bearbrick 1000 - The Largest Bearbrick Size

    Measuring at 27.5 inches, Bearbrick 1000 are the largest size a Bearbrick can come in. These massive limited designer toys make for an amazing centrepiece. Bearbricks come in size very different sizes, the most popular seem to be the 200% because they're sizeable enough to notice but not big enough where you'd have to reserve some space in your place for them.

    Bearbrick 1000 are more of a statement piece, owning one this big, you want your Bearbrick to be noticed in your place and whatever limited edition it may be will show off your interest.  

Bearbrick Sorayama 1000

Bearbrick 1000 - Hajime Soroyama 

    Not many can afford a Bearbrick 1000 because of the value increase they've had over the last few years. These super limited large size designer toys from Medicom toy company have gotten quite popular over the last few years. A great reason for the increase in popularity with Bearbricks is the sneaker culture community.

    Along with KAWS Companion toys, Bearbrick's have become quite appealing to those who collect sneakers. And I think you get it, the larger a  Bearbrick the more of a statement it is to others. 

Bearbrick 1000 & Other Sizes 

     The 1000% Bearbrick is 70 cm tall, while the 400% Bearbricks are at 28 cm. The 200% Bearbricks are at 14.5 cm. 70% Bearbricks measure at 5 centimeters. 100% Bearbricks measure 7 cm in height and are the standard size. Other Bearbrick sizes are named in relation to this size. The 50% Bearbricks measure at a mere 3.5 centimeters. Bearbricks in larger sizes are sold as-is, not in blind boxes. For more details, check out our extensive Bearbrick Guide

    Some Bearbricks are not the standard shapes or sizes and fall under the "other size" category. Each size Bearbrick is unique, but the most popular sizes among serious collectors are the 400%-1000%. Serious collectors prefer the larger sizes for the statement they make, as mentioned earlier. 

Bearbrick Sizes


Bearbrick Sizes

Where to buy Bearbrick 1000 

    There's quite a few places you can acquire a Bearbrick 1000, but you must be careful where you buy them from because of the amount of fakes around today. Fake Bearbrick 1000 have gotten better and better in the last few years, and they aren't cheap so you want to make sure you're buying the real thing.

    Here's a list of reputable places you can acquire a Bearbrick 1000 - There's other places online you can as well but first do your research before buying! 

Bearbrick Keith Haring 1000
Original store:

Are Bearbricks a Good Investment? 

    This is question asked quite often when it comes to Bearbricks, the thing is many designer toy collectors don't think of Bearbricks as an investment. They buy a Bearbrick 1000 for the simple reason of having it part of their art toy collection and as a statement art piece in their home.

     But over the years with the price increase these designer toys have had, many have begun looking at Bearbricks as an investment to make a future return on, rather than the simply collecting them. The Bearbrick universe is huge, so it's not easy to collect all the pieces out there. It's important to find what you love and when you start collecting. 

    You might be interested in the Marvel or Star Wars  or perhaps you like Bearbrick designs that are inspired by famous artist from Jean-Michel Basquiat or Andy Warhol. The point is, make sure you're buying something you LIKE even if you're purchasing it as an investment, this is important. 

Bearbrick Andy Warhol

    Bearbrick's core is an art form that celebrates pop culture. It is intended to inspire and bring joy to collectors. Toy collecting is less fun when you try to predict the rise in aftermarket prices.

    But if you're strictly into it for the money, you need to stay on top of art designer market trends. You need to do your researching on what Bearbrick you're buying, why, determine the scarcity and be aware of price valuations. 


Disclaimer: This is NOT investing/financial advice, we're sharing our opinion respectfully from a speculative point of view. 

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