Bearbrick 400 - Second Largest Bearbrick Size

    Bearbrick 400% is a beautiful art toy to have, no matter what version you have. They're noticeable on a shelf but unlike the Bearbrick 1000% they won't take too much space in your place. The biggest reason for the increase in popularity with Bearbricks is the sneaker culture community.


    The debate is between the 200% or the 400% being the most popular Bearbrick size because they're sizeable enough to notice but not big enough where you'd have to reserve some space in your place for them. Though some would argue this and say 400% is the most popular size to have because 200% is on the smaller size. It's all about personal preference!

Bearbrick 400 Daniel Arsham

Bearbrick 400 - Daniel Arsham x Hajime Soroyama     

    Bearbrick 400% are much more affordable than the largest size at 1000%, which seem to be the most popular amongst serious collectors. They can range for $200+ USD depending on the version of the Bearbrick of course! Along with KAWS Companion toys, Bearbrick's have become quite appealing to those who collect art designer toys. And I think you get it, the larger a Bearbrick the more of a statement it is to others. 

Bearbrick 400 Size? 

     Measuring at 28 centimetres, Bearbrick 400% are the second largest size a Bearbrick comes in. These sizeable limited designer toys make for an amazing centrepiece on your office desk or shelf. Bearbricks come in various different sizes.

     The 400% Bearbrick is 28cm tall, while the 1000% Bearbricks are at 70 cm. The 200% Bearbricks are at 14.5 cm. 70% Bearbricks measure at 5 cm. 100% Bearbricks measure 7 cm in height and are the standard size. Other Bearbrick sizes are named in relation to this size. The 50% Bearbricks measure at a mere 3.5 cm. Bearbricks in larger sizes are sold as-is, not in blind boxes. For more details, check out our extensive Bearbrick Guide 

Bearbrick Sizes
Bearbrick Sizes


     Bearbricks have all sorts of designs, anywhere from a KAWS collaboration, robotic looking Hajime Soroyama collaboration, Simpsons .. you name it and Medicom has probably collaborated with them! This is an art collectible at the end of the day so buy a Bearbrick that speaks to your interest. 

Bearbrick 400

Bearbrick x Hajime Sorayama 

    Here's a list of reputable places you can acquire a Bearbrick 400 - There's other places online you can as well but first do your research before buying! 

Original store:
Where to Buy/Sell: 


    Bearbricks are often questioned about this. The truth is that many collectors of designer toys don't view Bearbricks as investments. A Bearbrick 400 is bought by collectors for its art and design.

    With the rise in the cost of designer toys, many people have started to look at Bearbricks more as an investment than just collecting them. The Bearbrick universe can be overwhelming, so many people have started to look at Bearbricks as an investment to make a future return on.

 Bearbrick 400 Haroshi

Bearbrick x Haroshi 

    Bearbrick is an art form that celebrates pop-culture. Toy collection is less enjoyable when you have to predict how aftermarket prices will rise.

    If you are only interested in it for the money, however, you should keep up to date with art market trends. Do your research on the Bearbricks you are interested in buying. Find out why. Determine the scarcity. Be aware of prices and valuations.


Disclaimer: This is NOT investing/financial advice, we're sharing our opinion respectfully from a speculative point of view. 


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