Bearbrick - What Exactly Are They?

    The Bearbrick (rendered as Be-rBRICK) comes from a collection of collectible toys designed and produced by the Japanese company MediCom Toy, which was incorporated.

    The company is best known for its plastic figures, but was also founded to produce limited edition figures and licensed products. It was designed, produced and redesigned by a company best known for its RBRick toy line with plastic figures; and that's how Bearbrick began. 

What are Bearbrick? 

    While normal toy figures are usually reserved for children, this bear - like an object - appeals to a more sophisticated crowd. It is known to sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars on the resale market, and a $1,000 model can sell for nearly $200,000, making it one of the most expensive RBRICK's ever sold. This brick is anything but youthful, with a wide range of colors, shapes and sizes as well as a variety of accessories. 


Why Are Bearbrick So Popular? 

    Bearbrick are quite famous in the sneakerhead and designer art toy collector community If you know a sneakerhead or follow any online .. you'll notice they tend to collect both Bearbrick and Kaws figures

    The name is derived from the fact that the character is a cartoon representation of a bear and that it is a variation of the Kubrick design by MediCom. The figure was shaken in a greatly simplified form, with only the head, arms, legs and legs of the bear in its original form.

What Are Bearbrick Made Of?

    The plastic figure consists of nine tools, which are widely referred to as "tools" in the toy industry. Kubricks (i.e. rbrick) consist of joints that can be moved, and each of them allows the use of a variety of different tools such as hammers, screwdrivers, drills, hammers and hammer heads. 

    Although Kubrick's toy bears no resemblance to the human form, RBRICK is an anthropomorphic bear in the sense that it is a human figure - like a figure.

    Created by Japan's Medicom Toy, it is essentially just a plastic bear - shaped figure that is available in various sizes and colors. The most popular size being the Bearbrick 400% size. Although most Bearbrick are made of hard plastic, different series have introduced different materials into the mix over time, including metal and wood. 

Bearbrick Sizing

Bearbrick Sizes

    It would not be an exaggeration to say that vinyl toys have become a canvas for modern expression and play a crucial role at the interface between style, art and fashion. Obsessed Bearbrick collectors love to collect the largest size Bearbrick 1000%

     But these toys are loved by grace and have found their way into the hands of many artists, designers, musicians, writers, artists and artists alike. 

What Does a Bearbrick Do?

    In simple terms, they don't do absolutely anything (I mean you can move the legs and arms) but thats it. Bearbrick are art collectibles/designer art toys, they stand at the intersection of art, fashion and design.

    These adorable characters have become sought-after collectibles, and some of these archetypal art toys have fallen victim to artists such as Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg, David Bowie, and Shawn Mendes, while others have fueled the Bearbrick resale market. 

    KAWS even went so far as to work with Medicom Toy, an offshoot brand that unfortunately closed down in 2013. Here we take a look at the now infamous collaboration that made Bearbrick a sought-after collector's item. RBRICKs, one of the most popular toy brands in the world today, has achieved almost the impossible with its positioning as an interface between art, fashion, culture and fun. 

Kaws Bearbrick

Kaws x Bearbrick collaboration 

    The simple, familiar design expresses elegance, remaining symbolically powerful regardless of gender or age. 

    As such, MediCom ranks in rarity, and most bear stones fall into the following themes, although there are some outliers and models, with a blind box indicating the rarity of each theme. 


Where to buy Bearbrick?

Original store:

    BearBrick offers everything from patterns and designs, from polka dots to more unique offerings from collaborating artists. While the BE method - rbrick in a limited edition - generates ongoing interest, it is the various collaborations in which it participates that really define this form of art. This joint effort also enables artists, musicians, businesses, and more to offer tokens that they can buy and compete for. 

    This increases the brand's visibility and expands the BE-rbrick to continue its continued success and influence in the art world. 

    These limited and rare items pave the way for other brands to launch their own BE-rbrick limited editions. This blog entry covers the history and history of Bearbrick as well as some of its recent publications. For wannabe collectors, the world of bear shirts can be quite scary when it comes to designer toys. But don't worry, read on to put the world's favourite designer toys to the test! 

Bearbrick Andy Warhol

    Some of Bearbrick newer releases are reminiscent of the new Star Wars films due out in 2015, such as "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" and "The Phantom Menace." At the time of writing this article is the 37 series, which can be pre-ordered on the company's official website. 

    The $400 size is on eBay for $1,000, and the larger $1000 release follows a few weeks later, with a $500 price tag on the company's website.


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