These Celebrity's Love NFT's - Cashing in on the craze

    Internet tendencies in 2021 could be frightening, confusing items. The most recent trend to grip the entire world comes in the crypto area: non-fungible tokens, or NFT's. NFT's are blockchain-based resources which are provably special thanks to identifying data listed in contracts that are smart, and they have exploded in popularity (and cost ) within the last year.

    From art to audio records and everything in between artists, musicians, musicians, and dream-chasers are all promoting their particular, non-replicable functions to people with the funds and also openness to snap them up. We have rounded up a few of the greatest names which have jumped aboard the NFT hype train. Which ones do you drop your money on? 


Credits: Pari Dukovic

The Weeknd's Limited-Edition NFT Collection Raises Over $2 Million USD

    Last year saw the NFT economy triple, which makes it currently worth more than $250 million, and it is just getting bigger. On February 8, two players set a new record by paying $1.5 million value of crypto to purchase a video game attribute NFT. The art world has embraced NFTs. But when celebrities began adopting NFTs, people paid attention.

    Traditional artist in the art market, celebrities and even athletes are creating NFT's and cashing in on the craze lately. Collectibles amongst many industries have shown very profitable returns, the NFT market is simply adding a digital aspect to it all. Sports collectors are embracing this new method of trading also. The blockchain startup Dapper Labs lately established an NFT platform especially for basketball lovers, known as NBA Top Shot, which enables people to get and market video highlight clips of basketball acts as NFTs.

What are NFT's exactly? 

    From the simplest terms, NFTs transform electronic works of art and other collectibles to one-of-a-kind, verifiable assets which are simple to exchange on the blockchain.
Although this could be far from easy for the uninitiated to comprehend, the payoff was tremendous for several musicians, musicians, influencers and so on, together with investors paying top dollar to possess NFT variations of digital pictures.

    Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are bits of electronic content connected to the blockchain, the electronic database underpinning cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Unlike NFTs, these resources are fungible, meaning that they may be substituted or exchanged with the identical one of exactly the exact same price, similar to a dollar bill.
NFTs, on the other hand, are exceptional rather than mutually interchangeable, meaning no 2 NFTs are the exact same. 

Celebrities, Activist, Athletes are dabbling with NFT's 

    The list of influential figures getting into the NFT space is quite extensive. From super models to athletes, A list celebrities and more. Not only is the space currently quite trendy but the money being made in the space is ridiculous. New tech is always experimented with but the adoption of the NFT space in the last year has been parabolic. This is just another avenue for influential individuals to connect with their fans, but this time around through digitally property. 


Eminem / NFT



Francis Ngannou / NFT



Souja Boy - NFT  



Jack Dorsey / NFT 



Paris Hilton / NFT 



Are NFT's in a bubble? 

    The typical cost for an NFT on April 5 has been about $1,256 down from more than $4.000 in late February, according to market research website Information from The Block, another crypto research company, reveals a similarly large decline for both prices and NFT sales too. NFT's have been an investing and pop culture frenzy for the last few weeks, causing some to wonder if the frenzy is a market bubble fuelled by the early crypto buyers or wealthy traders flush with "stimmy"(stimulus) cash.

    As with other blockchain-based financial tools, NFT is a safe and convenient method for musicians and artists to market their functions. Even Beeple, the graphic designer that offered an electronic art to get a record $69 million final week, admittedly stated NFT artwork is"absolutely at a bubble" right today.


The First 5000 Days - by: Beeple

    NFTs may be here to stay, but they simply might not be worth the staggering amounts of money that some folks have shelled out in the past few weeks. The NFT craze has helped boost the value of blockchain network Ethereum, the cryptocurrency whose blockchain system claims the most NFT's and trades on the market.. Ethereum prices are up more than 180% so far this season, a surge that exceeds the spike in bitcoin's price



This is NOT Investing or Financial advice, we're sharing our opinions respectfully from a speculative point of view.

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