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    D Face is an associate of famous British street artist Banksy and is one of the most prolific urban artists os his generation. He continues to deface the world using a variety mediums and techniques. His dysfunctional family of characters satirizes everything that fails.

    Anytime an artist is put in the same sentence with Banksy, they're automatically thrown on a pedestal. Being that is it may, D Face artist is different from Banksy's and has its own unique style. If I was to compare his work to anyone, it would be famous pop art legend Roy Lichtenstein.

D Face

I Gave Her My Heart - D*Face / Credit: D*Face.co.uk

Who Is D Face? 

    D Face is a multidisciplinary artist who is well-known in Britain. He has also been influenced by New York City's subway graffiti culture. D*Face works across many mediums and techniques and employs a group of dysfunctional characters to mock and take over everything that isn't theirs. 

     This provides a welcome dose of humour in today's media-dominated world. His goal is to get the public to see and to think about the world around them. Rethinking, editing, and subverting imagery from decades of materialistic consumerism. Discover more famous artists here!

    His goal is to get the public to see beyond what they are seeing. He uses imagery taken from currency, advertising and comic books to subvert these iconic motifs, cultural figures, and genres to make a comment on our conspicuous society. His work can be found in a variety media, and he is the only urban artist featured on the Art Review front cover.  

D Face Art

Virtual ... Reality - D*Face  

    D Face's work is regularly sold at Bonhams, , Christies and Sothebys auction houses. His work is on the edge of being considered blue-chip artwork. His work currently goes for $500- 1000+USD when it's released from him. But the average resale price when in the hands of collectors, private sellers or auction houses is much different, ranging from $2000 - $100,000+ USD.  

    However, he continues to illegally put his work into the public domain and has traveled extensively around the globe showing and disseminating it.  D Face established the gallery "StolenSpace" in 2005, which is still London's most prominent contemporary art gallery. 

D Face Artist
Love Won't Tear Us Apart - D*Face / Credit: D*Face.co.uk

    D Face had a busy 2011 with his solo exhibitions in Los Angeles, Melbourne, and San Bernardino. He was able to return to the Ridiculous pool in San Bernardino to show off a new technique that combines his passion for skateboarding with live painting. 

    His popularity in the art world has increased since then and he has continued to spread his influence through his shows around the world, including those in Taipei and Tokyo. 

    When it comes to fine art, theres a few people you want owning your work. Galleries, museums, auction houses, the rich and celebrities. One of D Face biggest fans is singer Christine Aguilera who's a long- time collector of his work. He also worked with Christina Aguilera to create the cover for her album Bionic in 2010. 

D Face Print

Romance 2020 - D*Face 


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