Damien Hirst accepts Bitcoin & Ethereum

    Damien Hirst Will Accept Cryptocurrency for New Print Run -- The artist is currently offering a brand new collection of prints which collectors could purchase for $3,000 apiece or using cryptocurrency--approximately .058 BTC or even 1.8 ETH (at press time, as cryptocurrency prices are known for volatility)  

   "I really like the crypto world and I am proud and happy to place my opinion into Bitcoin and ether and take them for this fall," Hirst said. Every bit, by his cherry flowers show, is accepted with the artist; the purchase proceeds through March 3.(Cointelegraph, Twitter)

    Hirst, who has teamed up with printmaker HENI Leviathan for the project, stated he was pleased to put my belief' to the electronic currencies, including in an Instagram post:'It's hard for any of us to trust anything in this life but somehow we manage it... it's a beautiful world!'

    The prints will soon be numbered and signed by Hirst and will probably be accessible for just a week. The oils on canvas are entitled The Virtues after the Bushido code of the Japanese samurai. For all those unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies, payment can also be being accepted by debit and credit cards.


The Virtues - By Damien Hirst / Source: Science Ltd

“It’s hard for any of us to trust anything in this life but somehow we manage it and we even find love and I love art and I love the crypto world and I am happy and proud to put my belief into Bitcoin and ether and accept them for this drop.” - Damien Hirst

    HENI Leviathan accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment is a clear indication of growing adoption in the institutional art world. The printmaker is one of the most widely respected among fine artists and collectors.

    The cryptocurrency and art world seem to be merging in more ways than one. With an influential bluechip artist such as Damien HIrst accepting cryptocurrency for his artwork, this could change things in the art world.

    Many world renowned artists could follow his footsteps, this will only further the adoption of cryptocurrency as a transaction of value. Artists may also begin to view accepting cryptocurrency's as an investment, or perhaps a hedge against the modern monetary system. 

    Another way cryptocurrency and the art world are merging is through NFT art (non-fingiable tokens)many artist continue to auction off digital art on the Ethereum blockchain. Just two days ago NFT artwork titled Crossroads by Beeple was sold for a record breaking $6.6 million at Christies Auction

Cryptocurrency Art Damien HIrst

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