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    As a teen, Damien Hirst liked to look at illustrated pathology novels, fascinated by the images of injury and disease. He also revealed an interest in drawing, a fire his mother encouraged. His dad, a vehicle mechanic, left the family when he was just 12 years old.

    Hirst got into trouble as a teen, and has been caught shoplifting twice. Despite his occasionally outrageous behaviour, he made his way to college. Hirst studied art at the Goldsmith's College in the University of London. While there, he assembled a ground-breaking display entitled"Freeze" in 1988.

    In 1991, Hirst had his first solo exhibition at the Woodstock Street Gallery at London. He also engaged in the Young British Artists series at the Saatchi Gallery the next year. There he exhibited"The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living," a 14-foot-long glass tank having a shark preserved in formaldehyde.

    The shark had been bought from an Australian fisherman. Death is a central theme in Hirst's works. He became famous for a series of artworks in which dead animals (including a shark, a sheep and a cow) are preserved, sometimes having been dissected, in formaldehyde. 

Damien Hirst

    In 2008, Hirst side-stepped his usual galleries to auction his job directly to the public. The auction, known as"Beautiful Inside My Head Forever," was held at Sotheby's in London and earned roughly $198 million. Hirst has also done well through selling prints and other things bearing a number of his signature styles and graphics through his firm, Other Criteria.

    Damien Hirst has compliments for sprucing up new interest in the arts during his star character and awareness of the magnificent. He helped deliver the British art scene straight back to prominence globally.  

   His fans, such as his benefactor Saatchi and several other artists that are mentioned, state Hirst is a showman, but getting the interest of the general public is indispensable. He's sometimes said in the business of 20th-century masters such as Andy Warhol and Jackson Pollock. Damien Hirst is always ahead of his time, recently he began accepting Bitcoin & Ethereum for his artwork.  

Damien Hirst NFT

The Virtues - By Damien Hirst / Source: Science Ltd

Artwork by Damien Hirst 

    Hirst is a good showman. An individual needn't be an art specialist to appreciate the delight of seeing a dead shark up close. Not just for art world insiders, these hit a chord with many first-time people to museums, introducing them into the challenges of modern art in an engaging and instantaneous manner.

    Love him or despise him, Damien Hirst is a visionary in anticipating the needs of the contemporary art market. One may argue, as some have, that this in itself is a kind of art.

The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Livin (1991)  

Damien Hirst Shark

For The Love Of God (2017) 

Damien Hirst Skull

A Thousand Years (1990) 


Image courtesy of the artist and Science Ltd. Photo: Roger Wooldridge.Credits: damienhirst.com, 

Credit: damienhirst.com 








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