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    Daniel Arsham became widely known at age 25 when he had been asked to design his first several places for Merce Cunningham's productions. A number of the best-known works comprise a series of setups that destabilize the solidity of gallery walls, like they seem to be dripping, folding, oozing, or consuming furniture. 

Who is Daniel Arsham? 

     Born in Miami, Daniel Arsham studied art at The Cooper Union at New York. He graduated and obtained the Gelman Trust Fellowship in 2003. His consequent clinic has spanned the areas of drawing, sculpture, film, installa

    His artwork plays with the idea of future history and literary archaeology, showcasing fossilised variations of modern architecture and objects.

    Arsham's sculptural work gifts eroded casts of different objects in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. The casts, made of geological materials such as sand, selenite, and volcanic ash, seem as if artefacts discovered after being buried for centuries--haunting future relics of their modern. To discover more artists, click here! 

Daniel Arsham

    Daniel Arsham's aesthetics revolves around his concept of literary archaeology. Working in sculpture, design, drawing and movies, he generates and crystallizes ambiguous in-between distances or scenarios, and further phases what he describes as potential relics of the current.

    They're eroded casts of contemporary artifacts and modern human characters, which he expertly makes out of a few geological material like sand, selenite or volcanic ash for them to look as though they had been discovered after being buried for ages.

Daniel Arsham Bearbrick

    Always iconic, the majority of the objects he turns into rock refer to this late 20th century or millennial age, when technological obsolescence unprecedentedly hastened and the electronic dematerialization of our planet.

What kind of artist is Daniel Arsham? 

    While the current, the future and the last poetically collide in his haunted yet lively visions between romanticism and pop artwork, Daniel Arsham also experiments using the timelessness of particular symbols and expressions throughout civilizations.

    Arsham’s work has been shown in PS1 in New York, The Museum of Contemporary Art in Miami, The Athens Biennale in Athens, Greece, The New Museum in New York, Contemporary Arts Center Cincinnati, SCAD Museum of Art in Savannah GA, California and Carré d’Art de Nimes, and the High Museum of Art in Atlanta GA.

Is Daniel Arsham colorblind?

    Arsham is in fact color blind, he does see colour just not as clear as anyone else. “Color blindness doesn’t mean that I don’t see color. It means that the range of color is drastically reduced, especially in low lighting scenarios or at times where you might have colors that are close to each other on the color spectrum,” he's told Semaine Magazine. 

    “As an artist, within my work, I didn’t think about the lack of color as being even part of my practice. Perhaps I was more drawn to them because I knew in their lack of color, I was able to see them the way that everyone else would see them” - Daniel Arsham. 

Daniel Arsham Artwork

How to Buy Daniel Arsham's art?  

    Heads up, Daniel Arsham is a reputable blue-chip artist. So his artwork isn't always affordable persay. For those who don't know, blue-chip is a term used on wall street for reliable, established companies who tend to provide investments on the safer side.

    Arsham's prints currently go for anywhere from $100 - $5000 (this pricing is considering both direct artist buying price and the art market's resale prices). His sculptures on the other hand are much more expensive, selling for anywhere from $1500 - $50,000. His most expensive fetched lot price was just shy of $300,000 USD, sold at Phillip Auctions. 

Daniel Arsham Porsche

    There's a few places you can purchase Daniel Arsham's work, but please be careful where you buy his artwork from. Arsham's fame is only growing and his artwork is increasing in price (rightfully so, his work is amazing and one of a kind). That being said, many fake prints and sculptures are making their way online.

Who represents Daniel Arsham?

    The best way to avoid this from happening, is to buy from a reputable source. Stores suggested by the artist are always safe as well as major auction houses and websites. Arsham is represented by Galerie Perrotin in Paris, Hong Kong, New York, Seoul, Shanghai and Tokyo. Asham also shows with Baro Galeria in Sao Paulo, Ron Mandos in Amsterdam, and Nanzuka Gallery in Tokyo.


    Here's a short list of a few websites you'd be able to purchase his artwork from. Keep in mind, his artwork ends up being released on various websites, in order to be in the know .. Follow Arsham's Instagram


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photos courtesy of: Perrotin and Phillips
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