Daniel Arsham Artwork is Unique

    Daniel Arsham, a contemporary American visual artist living in New York, is known for his works that collaborate art, performance, and architecture. Arsham's work poetically blends the past, present and future. He skirts the line between pop art and romanticism while engaging with the eternal nature of cultural symbols and icons.

Why Is Daniel Arsham Famous?

    He creates and crystallizes in-between spaces and situations using sculpture, architecture, drawing, and film. This is what he calls future relics. Daniel Arsham's utopian aesthetics are centred around his fictional archaeology. He is a well-known figure, and most of the objects he transforms into stone are from the late 20th century, or the millennial era.

    This was when technological obsolescence increased at an unprecedented rate, as well as the digital dematerialization. In his poetic visions of the past, present and future collide, with Daniel Arsham's haunted but playful visions that mix romanticism and pop arts, he also explores the timelessness and universality of certain symbols and gestures across cultures.

Daniel Arsham

   Daniel Arsham's work has not only been on the rise price wise but his popularity as sky rocketed over the years. Many private collectors and celebrities have added his work to their collections. He is well-known for his use of archaeological elements in his art.

Where Is Daniel Arsham From? 

 Arsham was born in 1980 in Cleveland, Ohio. He was raised in Miami and then came to New York because of Cooper Union which was a huge dream for him. As a kid, he liked photography a lot. His grandfather gifted him Pentax K1000 when he was 10 or 11 years old. This was his first vehicle to express art. 

    With an affinity for the idea of fictional archaeology he creates works that combines nature and the effects of time on man-made structures. Arsham is passionate about architecture and the edge of the artwork. His sculptures are characterized by simple, yet striking gestures. It's impossible to tell where the architecture ends and the artwork begins. 

Daniel Arsham Artwork

    In Daniel Arsham's studio you can find many things, antique statues, everyday objects, clothing, and symbols of street culture are also available. This pristine whiteness conceals imperfections and small crystals. You will find small clues in his studio that are precious indicators of his work. 

Daniel Arsham's Art

    Daniel Arsham enjoys experimenting with materials and breaking down barriers between architecture and art. He has been known to work 'inside the wall' many times. The final work in this instance is almost invisible.

    You can barely distinguish its contours and forms, making it an integral part the structure. These examples clearly show the connection between Arsham's early attempts at set design and architecture. Daniel Arsham distorts textures and challenges the boundaries of the arts to alter our perception of an art piece. 

Daniel Arsham Clock

    Let's speak on Daniel Arsham's work in regards to being an investment. Daniel Arsham has Blue-Chip represented artist by Perrotin Gallery.

    Blue-chip means the value of his work is in a class of other valuable artist's, similar to blue-chip S&P500 companies on the stock market. Because of this, his rising popularity, and unique style his work is a great investment.

    His average release price for most of his smaller work is roughly around $3000 USD, the resale average price for his work is roughly around $8000+ USD. That's quite the price hike once the artwork is being resold. Below you'll find a chart from Artsy showing some of his recent auction stats. 

Daniel Arsham Auction

Via - Artsy  


    Arsham's color-blindness is another influence. His ability to see 20 percent of colors and shades that a human can distinguish is what has led to a lot of his work being in grey or white shades. One of the reasons why he likes architecture so much is that it has very little color - it's all about structure and symmetry.

Daniel Arsham's Collaborations 

    Arsham has done many collaborations with fashion brands, including a shoe collection with Adidas, as well as a runway show for Dior Men’s Spring/Summer 2020 collection. As a creative director, he has been involved with the Cleveland Cavaliers basketball club.

    Arsham creates films that focus on archeological change. His debut series of films, Future Relic, is one example. His work has been exhibited internationally at The Museum of Contemporary Art, Miami and a lot more. 

Daniel Arsham DiorDaniel Arsham's collaboration with Kim Jones and Dior  

    He's has also done brand collaborations with fashion brand Uniqlo, Pokemon and Tiffany &CO, Rimowa and Porsche. And he's worked with the XO Crew, TheWeeknd's team. It's safe to say every brand wants to do a collaboration with Daniel Arsham.

    This not only allows brands to tap into the Contemporary Art market but it also allows them to display a creative edge which Daniel Arsham brings to the table. It's fascinating to see how this visionary and prolific artist has managed to overcome this while still producing some of the most stunning art in the world today.


Disclaimer: This is NOT investing/financial advice, we're sharing our opinion respectfully from a speculative point of view. 


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