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Modern Era look into Famous Artists Today 

    The art world has changed in the last few decades, to say the least. We're going to look at famous artists today. Many artists have come and gone. But some seem to stick around, despite their passing.

     Here's a few names that tend to be the most popular in museums today. I'm also going to include a few rising artists who I believe will become house hold names very soon!

    The type of art that seems to be dominating the world the last decade and a bit is contemporary art. This style of art has critics thats for sure. But that doesn't matter, art is made and we all enjoy it in our own way. The public has spoken, so despite what you may think about contemporary art, it's the looked at nowadays.

    Andy Warhol

    Warhol is possibly the most famous artist in the world right now, despite passing away in 1987. It may sound normal nowadays, but in the 1960 "s, when the" Pop Art "movement flourished, it was seen as almost revolutionary. Pop art evolved in response to the social and cultural changes of the time, such as the rise of television and the advent of social media. 

    Warhol was a prolific artist who explored a wide range of media including painting, silkscreen, photography, film, and sculpture. His work caused an uproar in the American art world, and the resulting controversy made him a well-known artist. He caused offence by insulting his fellow artists, but also his own family and friends. 

Famous Artists Today


Takashi Murakami 

    He is one of the most prominent and influential Japanese artists today. Takashi Murakami is a Japanese artist who blurs the line between commercial and fine art. His impact on Japan is compared to Andy Warhol's in United States. He is also known for promoting and disseminating pop art strategies in ways that are not recognized by American artists and critics.  


    His work has gained a wide audience beyond the art world. Many consider Murakami one of today's most innovative artists. His "Superflat" aesthetic combines classical Japanese art and contemporary Japanese pop culture. He created the "Superflat" era of art



In my opinion Banksy is the most famous artist in the world right now, living artist at least. Especially in the art world. 

Banksy Artwork

Banksy has developed an entire art subculture dedicated to his work and is undoubtedly one of the most influential artists of the present day. Despite his involvement in the graffiti scene, his identity remains unknown, and he has yet to develop his own brand of street art, or even the entire art subculture dedicated to Banksy's work. 

Keith Haring 

    Keith Haring, (born May 4, 1958, Reading, Pennsylvania, U.S.--died February 16, 1990, New York, New York), American graphic artist and programmer that popularized a number of the plans and impulses of graffiti artwork.

Keith Haring

He also developed a passion for drawing in a very early age, analyzing fundamental cartooning skills from his dad and by the popular culture, including Dr. Seuss and Walt Disney.

Damien Hirst 

    As a teen, Damien Hirst liked to look at illustrated pathology novels, fascinated by the images of injury and disease. He also revealed an interest in drawing, a fire his mother encouraged. His dad, a vehicle mechanic, left the family when he was just 12 years old.

Damien Hirst The Currency Credit: HENI  

    Hirst got into trouble as a teen, and has been caught shoplifting twice. Despite his occasionally outrageous behaviour, he made his way to college. Hirst studied art at the Goldsmith's College in the University of London. While there, he assembled a ground-breaking display entitled"Freeze" in 1988.

Jean Michel Basquiat  

    Jean Basquiat needs no introduction, he's debatably one of the most famous artists in the last 50 years. Basquiat art is very recognizable, his style is different/out there .. he let his creativity go wild when he created his artwork. This is one of the many reasons he's been celebrated over the years in the contemporary art world. Till today, when a Basquiat piece is on sale at an auction or gallery, you hear about it; his work is considered blue-chip art.

Basquiat Art

    Basquiat was born in 1980s celebrity and commerce-obsessed culture. His work continues to be a symbol for the dangers and excesses of artistic and social excess. Basquiat rose to fame and wealth, but then fell back to Earth as a victim to drug abuse and overdose. 


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