Funko Pop Figures, What Are They?

    To get straight to the point, Funko Pop Figures are simply collectible vinyl toys. Funko, the vinyl figure manufacturer, has made it easy to gift pop culture fans with small-scale versions of their favourite movies, TV shows, and video games since 1998. Pop! 

    Their toys are loved by millions of people and have a loyal following. You might be curious about the bigger story behind the block-shaped heads and button eyes. Here are some facts about Funko's history.

    What Exactly are Funko Pop figures?

     Funko Pop figures are known to provoke an "Aww" reaction. This is not a result of design. Funko art director Sean Wilkinson has said that putting the nose just below the line of the eyes results in a more endearing expression. You can personalize characters that look generic by changing their hairstyle or adding accessories.

Funko Pop Yoga

Baby Yoda - Funko Pop

    Mike Becker founded the company in 1998. He originally created it as a small project to restore low-tech toys that were nostalgic in today's high-tech world. Funko's first ever manufactured bobblehead was a Big Boy restaurant advertising icon. 

    Funko LLC was founded in 2005 and is currently headed by Brian Mariotti. The company has expanded its range of exclusive toys and signed licensing agreements with WWE, Lucasfilms, Marvel, Hasbros, Elvis Presleys, CBS, FOX Warner Bros., Disney, Microsoft, HBO, among others.

    Funko, a licensed toy company that focuses on pop culture, is located in Everett WA. Funko currently holds over 150 licenses. These include, but are not limited to, Lucas Films and Marvel, Hasbro. The Walking Dead. Game of Thrones. NBA. Sanrio. And Disney. Funko's Pop! Vinyl is the most popular stylized vinyl collectible, with more than 10 million sold over the past three years.

Why Funko Pop Figures Are So Popular

   Funko Pops are first available in shops for many people before the internet took over. This begs the question: What makes these vinyl figures so popular? Funko Pops are loved for their affordability, nostalgia, longevity, and versatility. These vinyl figures have created a wonderful (and welcoming!) community that makes it easy to meet new people. People return to these figures because they feel connected.

    Funko gained popularity by using nostalgia. It was simply a matter of Funko growing in popularity and rolling down the hill like an "avalanche" until they became the market leader. It wasn't just Funko that made it so popular.

     There are many choices, and many genres to choose from. This made it a very friendly and welcoming community. And the Funko Pop community is strong, collectors don't mess around, the average collector has over 100 figures! 

Funko Pop Pikatchu

Pikachu - Funko Pop

   Funko Pop figures tend to go up in value, not all of them of course seeing that there's a massive amount of toys out of there. But popular editions have gained quite the price appreciation since they've been released.

    Funko Pop Growth Strategy is quite interesting to say the lease. Their growth strategy is to purchase as many licenses possible and continue expanding. This allows them to touch on every genre, industry and continue their massive footprint in the vinyl toy industry. 

    Let's discuss your growth plan and why you should buy a Pop Funko now. All Funko Pops eventually get vaulted, as you all know. This creates a shortage in the limited edition funko pop figures and because of this they naturally rise in price when they are vaulted. Imagine if you bought a Funko Force 2.0 the first day. This toy would have been worth $2070

    Not cheap for a small vinyl toy huh? Funko Pop's are a great investment. Similar to other fine art toys such as Bearbricks and Kaws figures, the community is there and the value tends to pass down. 

    Let's look at the progress Funko has made over the years to further illustrate our point. The best way to do this is look at the growth in trend via Google Trends.


Where to Buy Funko Pop Figures

    Funko Pop toys can now be purchased at 25,000 retailers worldwide, including Amazon, Walmart, Hot Topic, and, bizarrely, Foot Locker. The company's net sales grew 33 percent to $686.1million in 2018, with figurines accounting 82 percent. In early August, the company's Q2 earnings report was released. It stated that sales increased by 38 percent over last year. CEO Brian Mariotti called his company "recession-proof." 

  The mass amount of retailers that hold Funko Pop figures nowadays is massive, continuing from the list above; Best Buy, Book stores, Toy-R-US and many more. Many local collectable shops also tend to hold them as well. Keep in mind, if you're looking for to get a figure that is quite popular, you're less likely to find it at the large retailers. 

Funko Pop Biggie

The Notorious B.I.G / Biggie - Funko Pop 

  If you're looking to purchase a figure which has been released already, obviously you won't be able to get it from a retailer. You'll have to look into other spots such as ebay or other various reseller sites.  

Which Funko Pop to Buy?

 Start with what you love! There's a Funko Pop toy out there for everyone. From TV talk hosts, to athletes, singers, marvel characters and much more! Don't start off going for what you think will gain in value or what others seem to be buying. Buy what you're attracted to, this is the same tip we give when starting a fine art collection. What brings you a feeling of nostalgia? Or what's your favourite athlete or television show character? 

    It is a popular pastime to collect merch from your favourite TV shows, movies, and music. It's fun and rewarding to build a collection. Quality merchandise is a great way of decorating your home with things you love. 

    Funko Pop Toys is a great place to start if you are looking for affordable collectibles. Funko Pop Figures can be used as desk models for serious businesspeople, or to guard a child's nightstand. Or they can be kept in an unopened box by a hardcore collector. 

How Funko Pop Figures Are Made?

    Vinyl Funko's are made of vinyl, a type of plastic. Vinyl chloride is used in the production of polyvinyl chloride (also known as PVC). Vinyl chloride, a petroleum-derived chemical is used to produce polyvinyl chloride (also known as PVC). Most popular figurines are made from Vinyl, theres a whole community behind Vinyl toys. 

    Vinyl is simply plastic. Plastic comes from petroleum. Vinyl has been around for a very long time. It's not surprising that petroleum derivatives are a major part of many things that bring joy, happiness, and memories. From records to bobbleheads to Funko figurines, some our favourite things wouldn't exist without petroleum. 


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