Hajime Sorayama - A Futuristic Artist

    Hajime Sorayama, a Japanese illustrator, is well-known for his detailed depictions of "sexy robots" women. You can find his reshaped industrial designs in today's fine arts. Known for his erotic depictions of bio-mechanoid, feminized sci-fi robots. He also created design art pieces for the original Sony AIBO robotic pet.

    His hyperreal illustrations and airbrush paintings that made him a pioneer in the genre of sci-fi romance, robotic women in erotic poses has made him a cult hero and an internationally recognized artist.

Hajime Sorayama


Who is Hajime Sorayama? 

    Hajime Sorayama was born in 1947 in Imabari, Japan. Sorayama, who was 21 years old at the time graduated from high school in 1968 and was appointed in an advertising agency. In 1972, at only 21 years old Sorayama became a freelance illustrator.

    Hajime Sorayama then graduated from Chubi Central Art School in 1970. Sorayama's work is definitely futuristic, so it makes sense he recently came into the NFT space. Sorayama's NFT was launched with ZHEN.

    His first robot was created  in 1978, this was the beginning of his unique style.  His extensive work, which centers on a constant pursuit of beauty regarding the human body, has received international acclaim. His signature series, "Sexy Robot", (1978-19) had helped to establish himself worldwide reputation.

Hajime Sorayama Art

Hajime Sorayama Art

     Sorayama's unique style of "superrealism" is a combination of illustration, fine art, and industrial design. He's had many collaborations with several brands, such as Sony, Medicom Toy and British Knights. Sorayama said in an interview once "Unlike art, illustration is not a matter of emotion or hatreds, but an experience that comes naturally through logical thinking".

    Sorayama's work explores all taboo elements in society. His images combine fetishism and bondage with genetic manipulation. Sorayama says that he started painting with an airbrush after seeing the work of Harumi Yamaguchi. His work can go for anywhere from $2000 - $30,000 USD, depending on the artwork and where it's being sold from.

    Most of his work consists of prints as well as sculptures, he's also got various collectible items such as art toys, cushions, skate decks and more. 

    Sorayama's influence extends far beyond Japan's commercial art scene. It has had an impact on many media, including Hollywood films, street art, and fine art. Want to discover other artists in the contemporary art world? Visit other Artists here!


Sorayama bearbrick

Hajime Sorayama - Bearbrick collaboration 

 Sorayama work has exhibited all over the world. His last recent solo shows are as follow.  

2011 Hajime Sorayama: 1970-2010, Gering & López Gallery, New York, NY (solo)

2010 NANZUKA UNDERGROUND, Tokyo, Japan (solo)

2008 Opera Gallery, New York, NY (solo)

2008 World Erotic Art Museum, Miami, FL (solo)

2007 Mondo Bizzarro Gallery, Rome, Italy (solo)

Sorayama Robot 

    Some of Sorayama's old work is completely unrecognizable and seems to sell for less in fact. This is because after establishing his sci-fi robot style, it seems everyone wants a piece in their collection of this type of work. Everyone artist has their unique signature factor, Murakami has his flower, Jeff Koons has his balloon dog's, and Hajime Sorayama has his robotic provocative women posing. 

    Sorayama uses the airbrush technique to capture the details of human skin, eyes, lips, hair, eyeballs, hair, individual hair strands, texture of leather and silk clothes, reflections of light, and metallicity of the robot. 

    He says that realistic painting allows him to paint characters in acrobatic positions that are impossible to photograph and that it gives him the opportunity to create costumes that don't exist in reality. He also stated that he can alter the body without having to conform to anatomical limits and could collage and create beautiful women according to his taste.

 sorayama robot

    Artists and creators around the globe continue to respect Sorayama as the master of realistic expression through the use of the airbrush technique. "SEXY ROBOT", his 1983 publication, generously explained the process of painting robots using a series of graphics.

    It has been used as a textbook by many art schools around the world. Sorayama's influence extends far beyond Japan's commercial art scene. There's a reason companies like Dior fashion house have done a collaboration with Sorayama. His style of work is very recognizable. 









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