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Buy Art On A Budget

    Many shy away from art or just go to their local IKEA and grab a commercialized unknown wall art. Then theres those out there looking to buy genuine and unique art, but are thinking how. How to buy art on a budget, is it possible and where to get it.

    It is more possible to buy art on a budget than it used to be when you buy something that is already famous. There are always up-and-coming artists, but the up-and-coming artists and up and coming artists are usually artists who have just graduated from art school or are beginning their professional careers. 

     While it is exciting to buy art from some of the big names you might have seen in history books or museums, it is not that important to invest in the current generation of living artists.

     Artists who are known today usually have their day, but the majority would definitely not be able to continue their work without patrons or other buyers. If you do not support those who work today, how will they be able to make their mark on you? Art historians have probably been talking about this for a long time, not just for a few years.

How To Buy Art On A Budget

Make sure we do everything we can to support each other in our communities and support the arts industry as a whole. 

    In addition to buying art directly from the gallery, you can discover many new works of art in a short time. It may seem daunting to go to a gallery owner with this question, but rest assured that they will enjoy contacting you and giving you insights into your artist's work.

     While e-commerce platforms allow artists "works to reach a wider audience, exhibitions offer buyers the opportunity to physically engage with the work, while in-house consulting teams offer advice - on - one. If you want to build a large collection, it can be extremely helpful to form a relationship with an art consultant who can help you navigate the industry.

    While this particular artist paints nature scenes and portraits and is best known for his paintings of mountains and sunsets, a mountain painting would be a better purchase. Tappan, "seen from above - covered cover, but if he painted a scene of nature or a portrait, or if the respective artists are best known for their painting of the sunset in the mountains, the mountain paintings would probably be better to buy.

     Assessing the value of art made by emerging artists can be difficult, as they use art to find their way to a wider audience. If you are looking for art that creates an emotional attachment to you, this value is unlikely to disappear. But if you think long-term and buy art that gives you pleasure, you will probably be satisfied with your purchase. Depending on who you buy, the art you buy can become more valuable over the years. If you have that idea in mind; here's a few artists i'd recommend  to buy who are both accessible and still affordable. 

     Curator and gallery owner Pamela Jean Tinnen makes it clear that the first trip to a collector is not always so easy. Like any other investment, art is an important decision and should not be taken lightly, and it is not so easy to find common ground that matches the collector's budget, "Inten noted.

    Even well-known auction houses such as Sotheby's and Christie's have seen bogus scams. Collectors initially look for art in a price range, but budgets can change over the years, and collecting art on a budget is rarely one that changes over time to build trust. Instead of buying several mediocre works of art, even if they are available at a lower price, choose the fantastic, more expensive works of art.

    If you've framed your work before, it's not cheap, especially if you got a high quality custom frame done just for your art piece. Things you would consider is the background, you got materials like metal, wood, and plastic. Do you want glass or UV glass? Will the overall frame be within museum expectations? Or you can go the cheaper route, buying a standard sized frames; in 8, 10, 12 or 16. They may not be unique to the Art piece or protect your art as much. But they do the job! 

Where To Buy Art Online?

     We've put together a few places we'd recommend buying art, we put together a few lists depending on what type of art you'd like to purchase!  - How to Buy Art on a Budget

Fine Art List: 

Affordable Art List: 

DIY Canvas Art - DIY Wall Art 

     We covered how to buy art on a budget, now we're going to cover how to make art on a budget! Handicrafts is about using new materials and still finding a tight budget for a particular project. If a shot of inspiration gets me nowhere, I change it to create a new work of art for my home, or just a bit of fun. I used wrapping paper to turn my IKEA bookshelf into a treasure chest, and its versatility continues to amaze me. 

     Print your favourite quotes in a fancy font and have the canvas transformed from an empty room into a modernist wall. After removing the quotes lettering, you will be left with a wonderful catchy canvas art that surely attracts all the attention. This DIY wall art canvas idea is cheap and can be done in a few hours, so why not try it  yourself? 

    Abstract art is easy for non-artists to make, so try 3 DIY art ideas listed below! Follow many various Youtube tutorials to see how you can paint your own abstract art with leftover paint. Wrap them in leftover droplets or fabrics to look like a real artificial canvas and paint them yourself. How to use foam insulation boards as a large wall decorative screen?

We scoured the internet to find some great ideas for DIY wall art that could even make kiddos, and we proudly show off the art skills of our own children in our living room too! 

     Pablo Picasso and Rembrandt are a great example of creating simple and effective canvas art that complements the interests and family decor of your home. For some you can use stencil art or hand prints, while for others you can use cut-out calendars, paper cutouts and even a few pieces of paper.

    As you can see from the many examples here, there are some that are more advanced in art, and some that you will also find more challenging. I have a few other great examples of simple, simple and simple DIY canvas paintings, but these are for those of you who are more interested in advanced art and a little more creative than me.  

    Last but not least, I'd like to include my personal favourite "affordable artist", who produces amazing high quality work. Andy Blank, he's based out of Brooklyn, NY. His work is very unique, minimal and eye pleasing. Most of his work sells for under $199 and comes with equipment to hang it up! Links below:



How To Buy Art On A Budget

How To Buy Art On A Budget

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