How to Master Streetwear Outfits

Streetwear Outfits, Who Inspired It

     The style evolution of Streetwear is said to have been born out of Los Angeles surf culture scene. At around the same time, Street Style was being heavily introduced in other countries around the world. Paris, Japan, London, and New York, of course, the cities where Streetwear Outfits became.


    Despite not being one of the four fashion capitals, Japan is a genuine force in the field of fashion today. Brands who’ve inspired this movement are Kenzo, Yohji Yamamoto and of course Comme Des Garcons. In the early 1980s fashion shows went from the runway to the streets, not literally but sort of. Those arriving at the fashion shows were stealing the show. Their outfits were getting really creative, exotic and very photographable. Many noticed the freedom and unique finesse that came with many Streetwear Outfits.


    Do you know the old saying “dress for the occasion”? Suit and tie for formal, a floral shirt in Hawaii or leggings and shorts for the gym. When going somewhere specific you likely have to abide by the unsaid rule of dress code. This is where Streetwear comes in, Streetwear disrupts all fashion rules. Streetwear fashion allows anyone and everyone to express themselves freely, no expectations, rules and complete creative freedom.



Streetwear Outfits 2019 / Fall Clothing Staples – UNISEX

      Anyone and everyone who knows streetwear know Fall is by far the best season for Streetwear Outfits. I’m not shivering in the middle of winter, wearing my sweater under a Canada Goose jacket. Temperatures aren’t so high to the point where shorts are acceptable to be worn. Let’s face it, you can layer up in Winter but your jacket takes away from the look. And with Summer, two pieces of clothing is the only option, lame.


      In the Fall, you can rock a sweater with maybe a chic trench coat on top or a turtle neck with a down-filled vest. It’s that time of year again to layer up.  The ideas for various Fall looks are endless, nonetheless, we’re here to make things easier for you. Below we’d like to share with you some Fall Street Style essentials. Please note, I am recommending the style of these items, not the necessarily exact brands.


Top Left: Shearling lambskin moto jacket 
Top Centre: Sweater/Hoodie - 100% Cotton interior/exterior 
Top Right: Sweatshirt 
Bottom Left: Trench Coat 
Bottom Centre: Jean Jacket 
Bottom Right: A1 Bomber Jacket 


     These are our Fall season staple clothing items. There are several brands to look into as alternative, especially when you’d like to be cost-effective. Now if you’re like me, and you appreciate good clothing, keeping your clothes for years (unlike others). I would advise steering clear from fast fashion brands for these staple items. As nice as high-end retailers may be, they aren’t always necessary, there’re several mid-end brands that produce beautiful clothing.


     Keep in mind, Staple items are clothing you’ll keep for a long time, so it is always better to get something that will last long. I always say to a friend of mine, I rather have one good thick authentic cotton sweater over three thin sweaters with various cheaper fabrics integrated into them. As tempting as it may be to just buy a new denim jacket or new bomber every season. Stick to my advice earlier, you’ll end up with quality clothing and look much more stylish in the long run. 



Streetwear Outfits for Guys / Ideas

Below you’ll find some of our favorite Menswear street styles looks for Fall 2019

Notice color schemes amongst all outfits shared. Bright colors are a No when it comes to Fall.




      Outfit on the left:                                                                 Outfit on the right:

  • Polo style shirt                                                            -     Sweatshirt/orange  


  • Quilted down jacket                                                     -     Trench coat  


  • Dark denim Jeans                                                        -     Trouser Pants  


  • Beanie                                                                          -     Yeezy sneakers




      Outfit on the left:                                                                  Outfit on the right:


  • Off white colour sweater                                                 -    Calf skin Shearling jacket  


  • Off white colour trousers                                                 -    Ripped Jeans


  • Sherpa style coat                                                            -    Black Cap




     Outfit on the left:                                                                 Outfit on the right:


  • Sweatshirt orange                                                     -    Long sleeve style polo


  • Puffer Jacket green                                                   -    Blazer  


  • Black trousers                                                           -    Trousers  


  • Air force one’s classic                                       -   Adidas sneakers / Green Socks




Streetwear Outfits for Girls / Ideas

Below you’ll find some of our favorite Womenswear street style looks for Fall 2019



      Outfit on the left:                                                                  Outfit on the right:


  • Trench coat/classic beige                                               -    Striped sweater


  • Calacatta marble inspired dress                                     -    Brown jeans


  • Clutch                                                                             -    Tote bag


  • Closed-toe Wedged heels


  • Accessories added as choice




      Outfit on the left:                                                                    Outfit on the right:


  • Olive green A1 Bomber jacket                                      -    Maroon based outfit


  • Black blouse                                                                 -    Oversized jacket


  • Metallic leggings                                                          -    Side laced up sweats


  • Calf high velvet heels


  • Tote bag




     Outfit on the left:                                                                 Outfit on the right:


  • Graphic styled sweatshirt                                          -    White t-shirt


  • Zippered leather skirt                                                -    Blouse styled cardigan


  • Calf high velvet heels                                                -    Grey Men’s Trousers


                                                                                            -   All-star Converse



Top Streetwear Brands – 7

      When it comes to Streetwear Brands, the competition has been cutthroat the past few years. Some value brands by popularity, I think brands should be valued by influence. The brands we choose for our list have had the most influence in Streetwear Outfits. I’d like to make things clear, we are discussing the Top High Fashion Streetwear Brands. So for any of you Supreme, Bape and KITH fans, don’t get offended your favorite streetwear brand was not included in our list. 


            A few newer notable brands who’ve made quite the buzz in Streetwear the past few years are Off White, Vetements, John Elliot and Fear Of God. All have done a great job of capturing the essence of authentic streetwear. But today, we’re looking at those who’ve been in the game for far longer.


The list is in no particular order


1: Acne Studios

     Originating out of Stockholm, Sweden in 1996; Acne Studios has made a name for itself in Streetwear. Very famous for their flawless, yet simplistic designs and use of tones. The brand's inspiration for ready-to-wear clothing comes from photography, architecture and contemporary culture. – ACNE acronym stands for Ambition to Create Novel Expressions.


2: Raf Simons

            Belgian designer Raf Simons launched his career in 1995, taking up jobs with Christian Dior and Calvin Klein later on his career. Simons has had made quite a big impact on the industry.  The one brand you MUST know when it comes to Streetwear. Raf Simons is known for setting trends, a trendsetter label. If you’re up to date with Raf’s latest line, then you know what will become hot in Streetwear. 


3: Givenchy

            Givenchy is a household French luxury fashion label, even though they’re best known for their perfume and their couture. Givenchy has made waves the past few years in Streetwear. Best known for their black/white grungy/edgy style. My favorite clothing era from Givenchy was when Ricardo Tisci possessed the role of creative director.


4: Maison Margiela

      Founded in 1988 Maison Margiela is a French fashion house. In terms of Streetwear, they’re famous for their unique sneakers, clothing, and accessories. Specific releases they’ve been famous for; Margiela future sneakers, Paint-Splatter sneakers, and unique jewelry designs. A cool fact about Margiela is their alternative logo, the logo has numbers from 0 – 23. Each time you purchase a product, you will notice a numbered digit circled on the box. Each circled digit defines a certain type of product from Margiela, 3 is fragrances, 11 is Accessories, 22 is shoes and so on.    


5: Helmut Lang 

            When it comes to Streetwear, Helmut Lang is one brand you should be very familiar with. Helmut Lang had a long career before he established his brand in New York in 1998. Lang is known for his minimalist, deconstructivist and often quite severe designs. Many of his archive designs are quite limited making them rare and valuable. Personally, my favourite brand when it comes to 90s denim.



6: Balenciaga

     Balenciaga originally from Spain, the brand is now owned by a French company. The brand was established all the way back in 1937, in Paris. If all you know about Balenciaga is their famous 2018 Speed Racer sock shoe, you’ve got a lot of catching up to do. Balenciaga is a top competitor when it comes to luxury streetwear sneakers. By emphasizing everyday items, like hoodies and t-shirts; Balenciaga has become a streetwear favourite amongst millennials.       



7: Alexander Wang  

      Amongst all other brands listed previously, Alexander Wang is the youngest amongst them all launching only in 2011. Known for his urban designs, Wang is also famous for his minimalistic use of mostly black clothing. His designs are different, fashionable but executed effortlessly. In 2014, Wang’s line did a collaboration with fast-fashion retailer H&M, this exposed the brand to many individuals who don’t follow luxury fashion. When it comes to streetwear, Wang is a staple in the industry.         


Here are some websites we’d recommend to browse the brands we’ve listed (other than their official websites) 

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