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    There's many places you can sell your art online, whether its fine art by the likes of Jeff Koons, Cleon Peterson or Banksy; or you're an artist yourself looking to sell your artwork online. Well here we'll teach you just that; how to sell art online.

    If you're going to be selling authentic fine art online, I'd recommend going through a recognized online auction house. Auction houses verify your art and then place your art in a lot, lots are categorized auction sales. They do take a cut from your sale, as well as a premium tax from the buyer. You may be thinking, can't I just sell my art on eBay? You can, no ones stopping you. But keep in mind, genuine fine art collectors don't bother with buying fine art off of eBay (its too risky, theres no verification processes implemented); and fine art collectors are the ones looking to spend top dollar on fine art. 

    Now if you're looking to sell art you personally made, theres a few ways going about this. First you need to ask yourself, are you creating fine art or are you creating DIY type of art you're looking to sell at for a small profit. First off, you need good online presence for either venture. That means, you guessed it, start a instagram and put time into growing it as well as enabling good social media growth tactics. Think about adding a website in order to add to your credibility. 

    If you want to sell your art through an online art gallery, it must be a very high quality work. You should also be warned that your submission will be judged by an art curator who will decide whether the artwork will be a special sale, as that is how the online auction process works. Customers who visit the gallery's website have the opportunity to bid for the art. 


    You know that you are talented enough as an artist to have your artwork sold, or you just want to prove yourself to everyone. Whether you want to sell reproduced prints or high-priced paintings, or have your art printed on clothing, I guarantee you that you are interested in selling your works online. Perhaps one of the most important reasons I wanted to learn how to sell art online is that I can finally give up my day job and start a successful art business at home. 

    Check out Society6, to get started, you just need to create an account on one of these websites, upload your images and sit back. In my experience, such websites are best suited for illustrators and designers. The print-on-demand website Society6 allows you to upload original art that people can buy for as little or as much as they can imagine. You never know if the art would sell or not. The website will then take care of any printing, shipping and customer service issues that may arise, such as shipping costs and shipping charges, etc. Complement this by creating a social media strategy and using social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Why Sell Art Online

    Assuming you're an artist or inspiring artist, looking to make some money. Selling your art online is best option for you, exposure online is much greater than your reach in person. Depending on your recognition and online presence, selling your art online can be quite profitable. You can sell art online without any problems. If you are truly successful and increase your art business and personal wealth, then you will have an endless flow of money in the years to come.

    If you increase your large fan list on social media, you can easily sell your art online. If you need an introduction to most of these social networks, it's worth learning a little more about them and how they can help you sell art online.

    And if you are truly successful and increase both your art business and your personal wealth, then you will have an endless flow of money in the years to come. After all, some of the most popular social networks are used as marketplaces where people can sell and buy things from each other on a daily basis. 

    Apart from work, running your own e-commerce store can be very rewarding. While online art sales require much more time, energy and money to succeed, you can maximize your income and keep all the profits.

    If you have the entrepreneurial spirit and are ready to take your online art sales to a whole new level, setting up your own e-comm shop is a great way to become a successful online art entrepreneur and a very successful business in general. In fact, millions of independent artists around the world are doing this today. 

Where To Sell Art Online

    With so many options, it's important to find the right website or brand for you. Here one of our favourite websites to get started with, Fine Art America. It takes just a few clicks to open an account, upload an image of your art, set a price and start selling. This site, founded in 2014, is aimed at all those interested in buying and selling galleries and art dealers. Fine Art America, the world's largest online art market, allows you to sell original art prints. 

    Let's take a look at some of the best websites on the Internet where you can sell your artwork and make some money from the sale directly out of your pocket. Launched in 2005, this popular online marketplace has become the hub for hobbyists, designers, painters and artists of all kinds to showcase their work, connect with potential customers and sell their artwork online. Return a variety of discounts, free offers, discounts and discounts on their products to Etsy's online marketplaces.

    We've put together a few places we'd recommend selling your art, we put together a few lists depending on what type of art you'd like to sell!  - How to Sell Art Online 

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