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    Originally from Taiwan, James Jean is now based in LA. He's made quite the name for himself in the contemporary art world, his unique art with has an influence from Japan has stood out in the space.

    His representation is by several worldwide upcoming galleries, at the speed his career is at James Jean will soon be a blue-chip represented artist. This of course will only establish James Jean career even more and drive the price of his work higher; we included him in Fine Art Investments article. 

    James Jean began his career by designing covers for DC Comics and other well-known employers like Time Magazine, Prada, or Rolling Stone.

James Jean

Who Is James Jean? 

    Jean has been an award-winning illustrator for Marvel Comics and DC Comics, and collaborated on commercial projects with musicians (My Chemical Romance and Linkin Park). Jean has shown in New York City, Los Angeles and Seattle, as well as Tokyo. He designed posters for Darren Aronofsky’s Mother!, Guillermo del Toro’s The Shape of Water and Denis Villeneuve’s Blade Runner

    James Jean's large-scale paintings depict cosmological worlds with contemporary and allegorical imagery. These complex compositions incorporate elements from traditional Chinese and Japanese scroll painting, Japanese woodblock prints and Renaissance portraiture. Jean's experiments with so many styles and art historical genres allow him to blur the lines between Western and Eastern art making and reduce the boundaries between old and new.

James Jean Art

     Jean's unique style blends traditional Asian symbolism techniques and dynamic narratives. Nowadays, Jean’s style is renowned for integrating traditional Asian symbolism techniques with dynamic narratives. James Jean is a leading young artist today. 

    His work with DC's Fables as well as his collaboration with Prada earned him international fame. His paintings are still powerful and thought-provoking today. James is a specialist in acrylic, oil, and ink. However, he also works digitally and often combines the two.

James Jean Prints

    James's style has seen many changes over the past twenty years. His drawings took a radical change in 2010. James's first sketches were made with a ballpoint pen. He then began to use highly detailed line-work to create his drawings. His illustration style has been marked by this feature. His work is recognizable regardless of the medium. His fine and illustrative artworks both have a loose, gestural quality that reflects his love for gestures. Curvilinear shapes and layers are a passion of his. He often uses shapes that flow like liquids and melt into each other, creating surreal scenes suspended in space and time.

Where to Buy James Jean Art? 

     There's several places you can purchase James Jean's art, from galleries to online websites and private collectors. Or directly from his own website store. Though be advised, where you purchase his art from will have quite the impact on the price tag.

    If you purchase a release from his direct website, it will cheaper than purchasing after his work is released and sold by say a private collector on Artsy. Or perhaps any other online gallery such as ourselves when we have his work in stock of course. Be careful with the authenticity of his work, because James Jean produces a lot of prints and they tend not to be cheap .. mass produced fakes have been popping out in the market. 


     Below you will find all links for where you should purchase his work. One thing I absolutely love about James Jean artwork is the amount of detail he puts into his work. Many of his prints tend to show shape in some areas of his prints, metallic shiny like design or more. This makes his work not only stand out but more appealing to look at. There's a reason he's collaborated with brands such as Prada and Apple. 









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