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    Unless you're living under a rock, you know who Jeff Koons is. I mean, as long as you're into contemporary art that is. Koons needs no introduction when it comes to successful artists of our time, he's a blue chip artist out of the US who's created quite a life for himself through the sale of his artwork.

    The infamous 'Rabbit' by Jeff Koons fetched a staggering 91 Million USD at auction. Yes, Koon's work is NOT cheap to say the least.

    The art world cannot get enough of him, museums around the world love having his work there as it attracts many to come to see it. And many other artist's admire as work, one of his biggest fans is British artist Damien Hirst

Jeff Koons

    Damien Hirst purchased 1 of 3 elephants from Jeff Koons when they meet in London, before one of his exhibits. 

Who Is Jeff Koons? 

    Jeff Koons was born in York, Pennsylvania in 1955. He attended the Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. In 1976, he received a BFA degree from the Maryland Institute College of Art. Koons lives in New York City and works there. His Neo-Pop aesthetics, and his wry appropriations consumer items, show a respect for popular culture. 

    He has been a pioneer in the use of readymades, tested the boundaries of mass culture and advanced art, and changed the nature of the industrial fabric. His career also transformed the relationship between artists and the celebrity cult and the global marketplace.

    Jeff Koons is widely considered to be one of the most influential, popular, controversial, and influential artists of the postwar period. However, despite his many achievements, Koons' career has not been the subject of an extensive criticism.

Jeff Koons Art

 © Jeff Koons - Photo: Tim Nighswander/

    Koon's has really tested the boundaries of contemporary art, I mean he's displayed old vacuums from his childhood in a box and has successfully sold them for a lot of money. He posed naked for a series of photographs titled "Made in Heaven" in the early 90's with his ex Italian pornstar Cicciolina, and they sold at auction alright. Photographs were fetching between 200K - 1 Million USD. 

    His humorous, tongue-in cheek sculptures, paintings and installations border on the edge of good taste. Koons explores ideas of commodity and spectacle, celebrity and consumption. Jeff Koons is widely considered to be one of the most influential and well-known artists today. 

Does Jeff Koons Make his Art? 

    Jeff Koons does not make his art, he admitted that he does not produce any of his works himself. Like many widely successful artists nowadays, they're simply the mind behind the art but the physical art is created/assembled by a large team of assistants. 

    Art has changed over the years, it's not simply a medium or large painting one could produce by themselves. Koon's employs a team of over 100 assistants based in Chelsea, near New York, who produce the designs he requests. 

Jeff Koons Most Expensive Artwork 

    The most expensive artwork Jeff Koon's has sold is the famous Rabbit, if you're familiar with the contemporary art space .. you've heard of this infamous piece. The three identical stainless steel 3 foot-tall sculptures by Koon's were first released in 1986. 

Jeff Koons Rabbit

© Jeff Koons - Douglas M. Parker Studio, Los Angeles

    In May 2019, one of the sculptures fetched a staggering $91.1 MIllion USD, making it the most expensive work sold by a living artist at auction



Disclaimer: This Article is NOT investing or financial advice, we're sharing our opinion respectfully from a speculative point of view. 

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