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    Joan Cornella makes funny comic like, graphical art. His work has been called disturbing and even offensive. He uses simple visual language to make a comment about the dark and sometimes bleak sides of humanity through a variety of unusual scenarios.

Who is Joan Cornella?

    Joan Cornella Vazquez Born 11 January 1981 in Barcelona, s a cartoonist, illustrator, and comic strip creator. There are many topics that can be discussed, including our natural connection to social media and masturbatory selfie culture as well as political topics like abortion, addiction, and gender issues. Cornella's work is full of absurdity and inappropriately.

Joan Cornella

    Cornella's work appears lighthearted and playful at first glance. His figures share a common blank smile and cheerful color palette (similar to 1950's advertisements or Airline safety pamphlets).

Joan Cornella Art

    However, closer inspection reveals the overwhelming morbidity and unnerving nature of Cornella's work with remarkable force. Black comedy is about mocking subjects that have been considered too saccharine or inappropriate. Cornella makes fun of such subjects and cuts to the core using gags and minimal visual clues.

    He illustrates scenes of infanticide, cannibalism and deification as well as murder, suicide, and amputation (most commonly used). Although some may feel offended by his work, others find common ground, and laugh while feeling guilty for not laughing as much.

Sir Joan Cornella

    Cornella's work is thought-provoking, honest, and extremely entertaining. Even though it may be disguised with humour, its message is real power. According to Cornella, "I think that we all laugh at misery."

    It is important to remember that we all laugh at something or someone when we laugh. There is always some level of cruelty, regardless of whether you have empathy. However, I know that I wouldn't laugh if any of my cartoons were to happen in real life.

    Cornella's audience and members share a level of skepticism that unites them. All of us suck. In my comics, characters look like plastic and smile even when they are going through terrible things. He says that although some behaviours may be relatable to real life, everything is exaggerated.

Joan Cornella Art

    Over the last decade, Joan Cornella skyrocketed to internet fame with absurd, disturbing cartoons that capture the anxious, disconnected nature of contemporary life. Spanish-born Cornella was originally an illustrator for several Spanish publications. He also contributed to the New York Times. His darkest work (expletives and spitting blood) is reserved for his Instagram and twitter feeds.

   Joan Cornella's popularity is largely due to his fans' social media sharing. However, the artist has also exhibited at shows held in New York and Hong Kong and has seen his work fetch up to $45,000 on secondary markets.

    Cornella sees the contrast between the comic-book colors and the grimy violence of his characters as instructive. Cornella believes we all laugh at misery and that it can be instructive to look into the source. 

    Joan Cornella's cartoon illustrations are provoking to say the least. His work contains a lot of dark humour and brutal honesty on life's various events. His cartoons tend to go viral online because of their messages and simplicity.

    Many have used his work for memes and some even share his work often but aren't aware this is a fine cartoonists work. 









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