Joan Cornella Modernized Cartoon Art

  Preying on the vulnerabilities of others Joan Cornella makes comical art. Unless it's Joan Cornella's and it's hilarious. The comics lose all sense of reality and place it squarely in fiction. 

    The comics look happy and cheerful at first, but things quickly turn sour when a man injects heroin into a child. However, his work isn't just for shock value. Cornella's humor is dark and satirical. 

Who is Joan Cornella? 

    Joan Cornella's unique sense of humor is what sets him apart from other cartoonists. He uses panels to encourage different interpretations of the drawings. This results in an additional and third glance to understand each detail.

    Take a look at his crazy sometimes-dark-sometimes-surreal artwork and you will be perplexed as you roll on the floor laughing. 

Joan Cornella

    When you think of cartoon art, you think of perhaps cartoon shows or artwork produced by a rookie artist, or possibly illustrators .. both traditional and digital. Joan Cornella really changed cartoon art for the better. He single handedly modernized cartoon art for the better. Not only has he established himself in the art world through his illustrative creations but he's also managed to amass quite the following when it comes to his creations.

Joan Cornella Artwork 

    His work pokes fun at suicide, infanticide, or other taboo subjects. His humour relies on brightly colored scenes and smiley characters, which look more like a retro guidebook than anything else. The comics lose all sense of reality and place it squarely in fiction. 

    These deeply humorous pieces touch on real issues such as narcissism and police targeting minorities in the digital age. Many people find his humour offensive, but many others find it funny. Even though we sometimes feel guilty for laughing. It's absurd. It's dark. It's beautiful.


    Many seem themselves attracted to his work because of the dark humour, realistic scenarios and truth behind his art. Despite simplistic characters through his illustrations, he's stayed consist with these illustrations through the years.

Joan Cornella Artwork Is Controversial 

    Some dislike the simplistic illustrations but I think the simplistic illustrations allow us to focus on the message being told to us even more. I believe he's made these characters simple for just that reason.  

     There's really no one out there that has created art in a hilarious fashion, with dark humour and a lot of truth behind it. 

Joan Cornella Comics

    The figures share a similar blank smile and cheerful color palette, but it is hard to see what they are actually portraying. With very few visual clues, things that might seem out of bounds are made fun of. 

    Contrasting styles and subject matter are so contradictory that you'd find yourself laughing while also feeling guilty for not being able to see the point. Although he often illustrates unrealistic and exaggerated behaviour, it is possible to relate them to real life. This is why Joan Cornella's work is so beloved.


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