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  I love when I come across art that is unique to the eye. When art makes you think, this is important. Because art should do just that, it should make one think. Why did the artist make this? Why did they make it in this way? What's the meaning of this? 

Jordan Eagles Art

  Over the last few years, I've become a fan of what I like to call dark art. Dark art usually comes attached with a dark message. But the message is strong nevertheless. This is one of the reasons I've been collecting Cleon Peterson quite a bit over the years. But this is only my interoperation on Jordan's work, we'll let him speak on his art for himself!

Jordan Eagles Question/Answer Interview

  I came across Jordan Eagles profile on Instagram with a colleague and we both were shocked by his art. The theme is blood, so it may not be for everyone. But instantly, we thought why, and what's the story behind it? This is when I knew I had to reach out and interview him. Check out our chat with Jordan Eagles below.

OWITY: How did your career start, when did you know you wanted to be an artist? And what made you choose your style of art? 

The very first blood work I created was in 1999. At the time I didn’t know that I was an artist. I was interested in philosophy and fundamental questions about life, death and the connection between body and spirit. The usage of blood was a way to explore these ideas through an organic material that represented life force.

Jordan Eagles Artwork 

OWITYAt what point of your career as an artist felt like you "made it"? 

I don’t think I’ve ever felt like I made it. I’m constantly trying to push my work in new directions, to reach larger audiences and share works about issues and ideas that are important to me. 

OWITY: Which artist has been the most influential to you both as a person and their artwork? 
Mark Rothko’s work is inspiring to me. But the most influential forces have been nature, science and the activists that have fought for crucial change.
OWITY: Every artist has a piece of artwork that stands out to them more. It may be the one that's fetched the most at auction or it may be one they own privately. Which piece is your favourite and you believe best represents you as an artist? 
There are three that come to mind. BAR 1-9, a nine panel leaning work that is 32 feet long by 8 feet tall. It is my largest work.
Blood Mirror is my first work that was created with queer blood and is very meaningful to me because of the collaborative nature of all 59 blood donors, medical supervisors and organizations involved.
Blood Mirror Jordan Eagles
The third is my Energy series, which is not a singular work but a larger ongoing chapter within my larger body of work. These works express interior energy exploding outwards, the inner power within all of us and our connection to the Universe.
OWITYBecause our platform merges Art and Investing. We have to ask, which artwork of yours has fetched the highest amount? 

My works range in price depending on the size and series. But I'm much more interested in the concepts behind the work than discussing value. In fact, I’ve made a series that addresses this called Jesus Christie's / Vinci.


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