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Mike Mozart - Artist Profile

    Mike Mozart, an illustrator for over 30 years, specializes in creating some of the most popular children's characters for many companies. By incorporating its personality into characters created by Dan Fox and made famous by the Parker Brothers brand, ALEC manages to thematize current events and convey a message through color that makes collectors salivate over a work.   

    ALEC MONOPOLY has polarized his fans, from celebrity artists to celebrities and artists, while masking its identity.

    He's famous for his two youtube channels, one reviewing toys in a comedic manner and another is a blog channel (JeepersMedia and BlogTV). Unfortunately he's best known for his feud with artist Alec Monopoly, and rightfully so. Mike Mozart's artwork revolves around money like many other artist.   

    He's less active nowadays on a his youtube channels, which originally brought him the fame. But he seems to be quite active nowadays on his instagram.

Mike Mozart

    As mentioned above, Mike has stopped writing toy reports and has become very political in recent years, railing against various companies and organizations and even participating in the Occupy Wall Street protests. He has published more than 100 children's books and is a member of New York's OccupyWall Street rallies. Sources: 2, 3

Who Is Mike Mozart? - Relation to Alec Monopoly 

    Some call him the man behind ALEC Monopoly or the original ALEC Monopoly; but that could be up for debate. The two did work together, Mike worked under ALEC for years but the relationship soon turned sour.  

    The ALEC camp has never denied Mike Mozart's involvement, but they have also argued that the public use of the character is fair game. In fact, he was the man behind the creative direction of the artist and the brand. Despite the photos, almost every post mentions that he has worked with Monopoly, suggesting that it was a good marketing plan that has made ALEC Monopoles the most popular game in the US over the past 20 years.

    We remind readers that the content in question is a character created by Mike "Mozart" Alec of "Monopoly" himself, and declare that "This is the first in a series of posts on the ALEC website about the creation and use of Alec, the" Alec "character. 

    We believe Mike's campaign will be important for ALEC's collectibility and growth as an artist. Mike, for his part, has not openly acknowledged the derivative nature of the work and does not claim responsibility for the use of his work on ALEC Monopoly. To discover more artists, visit our Artist Profile section! 

    In Alec's defence, he claims Mike was not a mentor, collaborator or freelancer - for - employment. Mike, however, told Art Reality that he had not provided any services for the first two years of the job. He is the most important illustrator and was the main source of inspiration for most of ALEC Monopoles as well as for many of his other works. 

    Mozart revealed that he has worked with ALEC Monopoly on hundreds of projects with different themes, and that the original drawings he gave ALEC at their first meeting helped the brand and his artist personality skyrocket. He said: 'The following is one of the earliest drawings I have given to ALEC. I also sent him a folder containing, I believe, hundreds of drawings and ideas, some of which I still have. 

    Alec Monopoly was commissioned to paint graffiti - inspired game boards, kitchen counters and spray paint "Monopoly Man," all based on his own drawings of the game board and a number of other artworks. Monopolies have their own tricks: They almost always appear masked and cover the lower half of their faces.  

You tell me, how similar does Alec's artwork look to Mike Mozart's? 

money bag drawing

by: Alec Monopoly  

Michael Mozart

by: Mike Mozart

What Happened to Mike Mozart?

     Avery Andon, manager of ALEC Monopoly, said Mike Mozart was never, as he claims, a freelance illustrator who created work for loans and paid for his services. At that point I had never heard of any of the street artists who had been created since then, and we had no idea that ALEC would be there, "Mozart recalled of the encounter with ALEC. 

    There's been rumours about Mike Mozart being dead, they are far from true. The reason for these rumours is because of his inactivity on his youtube channels, he's very active on his Instagram instead now. Mike continues to make masterpieces and continues to grow himself as an artist.

    The feud with Alec looms on his career, despite dying down over the years. His work continues to revolve around the theme of Occupy Wall Street, using his the monopoly man, amongst other characters, and of course money $ as the main theme!








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