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    When it comes to investing in fine art, you need to keep up with analytical data on various famous artists. Just like one with do there due diligence on a stock they're purchasing or have continued purchasing throughout the years, art if purchased as an investment is the same.

    The most famous artists are usually what many try and go for, most are obviously not able to purchase originals by these artists but you don't have to, I speak about you can invest in expensive artists here. For now, let's focus on some analytics for the most famous/searched artists in 2021. 

    Recently Artsy posted on their Instagram a post sharing the most searched artists on their platform for 2021, as a fine art collector and investor this was important data to me.

    So I thought I would share it with you all here, especially since most of the artists they mentioned are some of my favourites in the art world. Throughout the article, I'm going to speak a bit on each artist to give you all an insight on where this artist stands in the industry. 

    The data in the photos show the popularity incline or decline in percentage terms, it also shows the amount of pieces bought/sold transacted on platform for said artist. 

Most Famous Artists

Photo Courtesy of Artsy Instagram 

    Let's start off with the most famous artist in the world, non other than Banksy himself. Banksy may not be the most famous artist in history but in today's modern day Banksy is by far the most famous artist in the world and for many reasons. 

    Search for Banksy saw an incline of 134% on Artsy with 538 pieces sold in 2021 vs 229 sold in 2020. He's the most sought out after artist in the world right now, in-fact Banksy prints have gone up more than stocks, bitcoin and gold in the last year. His artwork will only skyrocket in price as the years go on. He's the BEST and most SAFE investment when it comes to purchasing a reputable artist today.  

Most Famous Artists Today

Photo Courtesy of Artsy Instagram 

    The second artist I'm going to speak on is KAWS, some may be familiar with him, he's mostly more famous around pop/sneaker head culture and celebrities. KAWS is not sought out after like other big names like Banksy, Damien Hirst, etc. But that's not to say he's not popular or his work is not wanted. Many collect KAWS, and most of his art has seem some exceptional incline through the years. What i'm trying to say is he's not usually collected by the wealthy fine art collectors but KAWS is still one of the most famous artists today. Search results for KAWS in 2021 on Artsy were down 56% with 175 pieces were sold in 2021 vs 399 pieces sold in 2020. 

Most Famous Artists Artsy

Photo Courtesy of Artsy Instagram 

    The third artist we'll be looking at is non other than Mr. Money man himself, Damien Hirst. I call him that because throughout his career Damien Hirst has made quite the amount of money in his career. His net worth sits anywhere between 300/400 Million USD, yes all from selling his artwork! Hirst is a blue-chip artist, his work tends to hold value as well as increase overtime. He's VERY sought after when it comes to galleries and private collectors. His work is unique, different and tackles boundaries in the art world. Damien Hirst is most likely the second most popular artist alive after Banksy. So like Banksy, Hirst is a fantastic investment, especially long term. Search results for Damien Hirst in 2021 on Artsy were up 23% with 217 pieces of art sold in 2021 vs 177 pieces sold in 2020. 

 Most-Famous-Artists-Pablo-PicassoPhoto Courtesy of Artsy Instagram 

    The fourth artist I will be discussing is Pablo Picasso, one of the most famous artists in history without a doubt. His artwork has a unique signature style that has really stood out over the years and is collected by many high net worth art collectors worldwide.

    I believe his work will sustain its value and continue to go up in time, still making him quite a safe investment when it comes to fine art. But with that being said, at the moment with many other contemporary artists alive today, his popularity vs those today seems to be declining. Search results for Pablo Picasso in 2021 on Artsy was down 60% with 665 works sold in 2021 vs 1677 works sold in 2020. 



Disclaimer: This Article is NOT investing or financial advice, we're sharing our opinion respectfully from a speculative point of view. 



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