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   Pop art artists dominated the 90's era when it came to the art world, especially in New York.

Among the most famous artists who gained popularity and were introduced to pop art are: Robert Mapplethorpe, Andy Warhol, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Keith Haring, Roy Lichtenstein, and Cesar Pelli  

Pop Art Artists Are Everywhere Today  

    Many Pop Art artists in the movement decided to abandon pop art in favour of other protest movements such as the Anti-War Movement, the Black Panther Party, and the Vietnam War Movement. The philosophy of Pop Art emphasized the necessity of protest against the industrialized consumer society and its negative effects on the environment. 

Pop Art Artists

- by: Keith Haring

    These artists created abstract Pop Art, which has left its mark on art and culture, but what sets it apart from other art forms such as painting and sculpture is that it focuses not on what art really looks like, but where it will take you. In Pop Art, different art materials are usually used, which makes art more accessible to a wider range of people than traditional art forms. 

Pop Art Artists  

    The great painters of Pop Art include: David Hockney, Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg, Paul Gauguin, and many others. The most famous Pop Artist of them all is Roy Lichtenstein, we had to give him his own separate article!  

    In American Pop Art objects there are also everyday images and icons of the time, such as the Statue of Liberty, the Star-Spangled Banner and the American Civil War. A well-known example is the iconic image of President George W. Bush in the White House in Washington, DC. 

    The Pop Art Revolution began with its premiere at the new Castelli Gallery in Manhattan in the early 1990s. American artists such as Robert Rauschenberg, George G. W. Bush, and John Cage showed their works in galleries in New York, but none of them were pop artists. 

Pop Art Ben Allen

by: Ben Allen 

    The beginnings of American Pop Art were in New York in the early 1990s, where artists such as Robert Rauschenberg, George G. W. Bush, and John Cage, as well as artists such as James O'Hare, John Carpenter, David Hockney, Paul Gauguin, Richard Avedon, Andy Warhol, Frank Gehry, Michael Krieger, and others, were exhibited from the very beginning. American pop artists.

    The term "Pop Art" was coined by Lawrence Alloway to indicate art based on the popular culture of its time and believing in its power of the image. How far can Pop Art go before it can be quoted to be confused with other art forms such as pop music, pop culture, or even art history? 

     Pop art superstars, such as Warhol, achieved international fame in the late 1960s and early 1970s with their works of art. Although there are many pioneering things attached to these prolific "Pop Art" artists, they were the first artists to exhibit videos alongside their works of art. The "Pop Art" discussion is one of the most important debates in the history of art and pop culture. 

Pop Art Andy Warhol

by: Andy Warhol

    It may sound normal nowadays, but in the 1960 "s, when the" Pop Art "movement flourished, it was seen as almost revolutionary. Pop art evolved in response to the social and cultural changes of the time, such as the rise of television and the advent of social media. 

    Let the Source Speak Louder Than Art, "a Roy Lichtenstein painting based on a Peter Blake-inspired album, celebrates this source as a subtle transformation of art. The popular visual language integrated into the work of artists such as Paul Kooning, Paul Gauguin, and Andy Warhol was transformed into a visual representation of the social and cultural change of their time. 

    The introduction of identifiable images was an important step in the transformation of art that pop artists had regarded as empty and elitist. The motif and stylistic devices of the source were kept to themselves and allowed their pictorial language to emerge more clearly in the creative treatment by the artists. 

    Many artists associated with the movement achieved unprecedented fame and status, an experience that brought practitioners closer to mainstream celebrity and, in some cases, the public. 

David Hockney Artist

by: David Hockney 

    Pop Art is a movement that emerged in the mid-20th century, in which artists incorporated elements of pop culture such as pop music, pop art, and dance into their works. It was an attempt to disrupt the hierarchy of culture by the idea that art can draw from any source.

    The Pop Art movement aimed to consolidate this, and over time Roy Lichtenstein became one of the leading artists within the "Pop Art" movement that dominated the American art world. 

    New York was the most important center of American Pop Art, and with artists like Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol at the forefront, the art world was buried by artists from all over the United States, but also from Europe and Asia. As Andrew War Holhola, known as the "pope of pop," he is the most famous artist in the history of pop art and one of the most famous pop artists in America. 

    The most famous Pop Artist of them all is ROY LICHTENSTEIN, we had to give him his own separate article! 


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