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    Ron English coined the term "POP propaganda" to describe his efforts to create a hilarious imagery that turns advertising into subversive advertising. He is credited with the decorative narrative murals we see today, and he has bombarded the global landscape with his album covers.

Who is Ron English? 

    English is based in New York and has offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, New Jersey, London and New Zealand. Ron's innovations included the creation of modified billboards, billboards and the design of the world's most popular pop-up shops. 

    Camel cigarette hoardings, for example, found that Ron's creations replaced the brand's mascot, Joe Camel. Ron English (born 1959) was born in New York City, New Jersey, the son of an artist and a painter. English produced images on the streets, in museums, films, books and on television. Cancer Kids, which was painted in the same style, and a series of posters for the American Cancer Society. 

Ron English

This included a series of posters for the American Cancer Society as well as the National Cancer Institute and the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Elsewhere, the cartoon image suffocated by the mural "New World Order" on the wall of the New York City Museum of Art is covered with the words "The New World Order" in the form of a black-and-white image of an "American flag.

What is Ron English known for?

    His work has appeared in films, books, and television, including the hit movie "Super supersized," which features an obese fast-food mascot, and Abraham Lincoln and President Barack Obama. English also contributed to the Jersey City Mural Arts Program and completed a series of murals for the New York City Museum of Art in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

    These paintings have been used for a variety of public art projects, such as the mural "Selling New Jersey" on the facade of City Hall. 

    Jersey City's mural represents the first New World Order created in 1991 to protest the Gulf War. The latest is an imaginary "X-ray" version of Picasso's "New World Order" mural for the New York City Museum of Art, and it depicts a war - devastated civilians being replaced by a "Picasso of war ravaged civilians" in the middle of a city street. 

Ron English Art

    Ron English, the celebrated outlaw artist, is known for his pirated public billboards and his work at the New York City Museum of Art. Mr. English's work is redesigned as a consumer-centric imagery, and in doing so, it disrupts and diminishes the power of the corporate image in the mind. 

Ron English is part of the Pop Art movement

    At its core, English is a traditionally educated artist, but his striking style and finely tuned talents have earned him much praise and are seen in the very culture he is constantly targeting. This talent was well utilized, including his work for the New York City Museum of Art and the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. 

    He designed the cover and became the MC of the supersize figure, and included an image of an obese fast-food mascot from Morgan Spurlock's documentary "Supersize," as well as images of Abraham Lincoln and President Barack Obama discussing the image that directly influenced the 2008 election. 

    Picasso's giant painting "Guernica" is a regular inspiration, and in 2006 Ron painted an interpretation even larger than the original at the Station Museum in Houston, USA. In 2006, an homage to "Graveyard of Guernico" appeared on the cover of the New York Times Magazine as part of a collection of his artworks.

    Mr. English has exhibited around the world, influencing generations of artists and art lovers with his unique sensibility and funhouse mirrors that reflect the familiar in something worryingly new. 

Ron English Biggie

    His works have been exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, New Jersey, USA, and his works are in the collection of the New York Magazine and the National Gallery in London, Great Britain. Sources: 3

   He painted the "Western Wall of Palestine" for the International Museum of Modern Art in New York, New Jersey, USA. He designed a series of murals on the walls of the Palestine border wall in Jerusalem, Palestine, and provided artworks for the National Gallery in London, UK. 

    I'm not going to write an intro to Ron English, because if you don't know this iconic artist as well as I do, you should be aware that he is one of the most influential artists in art history. He appeared on the cover of numerous magazines, newspapers, magazines and books and was bombed into the global landscape. Here at Fecal Face, we've embedded a series of interviews with some of his most famous collaborators and collaborators. 

England's ability to blend stunning visuals, including his art, paintings, billboards and sculptures, with other figures circling around them. 


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