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    Steven Harrington is a Los Angeles artist known for his bright, psychedelic aesthetic. A leader of contemporary "Californian psychedelic pop aesthetics," he is also considered one of the most influential artists of his generation, with a blurred, iconic style that encourages a two-way conversation between artist and viewer.

     His work is playful, thoughtful - a provocative work that inspires a broad spectrum of artistic expression, from art history to film, music, literature, design, photography and more.  

Who Is Steven Harrington?  

   Steven Harrington is an artist known for his unique artworks. Harrington's portfolio includes handmade prints, photographs, video and video games, and a variety of digital media. His diverse work encompasses a broad spectrum of hand-screened print, digital and print-on-demand media as well as digital photography.

    Inspired by the blend of cultures and the diversity of the "Californian landscape," his work is steeped in contemplation and playfulness, a strong sense of humour and a deep appreciation of the beauty of life.

Steven Harrington

    In his personal work, Harrington founded his own digital media company, the Harrington Media Group. I think the word "word" means "clear and concise" in its simplest, most direct and concise form. 

    The sports giant has teamed up with Los Angeles-based painter, artist and environmental activist Elena Harrington to create a capsule collection that will inspire love for the planet.

    Elena lives in New York City, where she draws inspiration from her work to create an eclectic lifestyle, from wire-wrapped, asymmetrical pieces of jewelry to a collection of high-end jewelry and accessories. 

    Harrington is best known for her California-inspired psychedelic pop-up pieces, which often include dogs, palm trees and characters, an aesthetic she has applied to three Nike shoe models. The Nike Flyleather Steven Harrington collection includes the Air Force 1 Blazer and Cortez, which are made from proprietary sustainable materials using recycled leather from the US military, US Navy and National Park Service. 

    The sports giant has teamed up with the Los Angeles-based painter to create a capsule collection that will inspire love for the planet. The Nike Flyleather Steven Harrington collection includes the Air Force 1 Blazer and Cortez, both made from proprietary sustainable materials made from recycled leather from the US Military, US Navy and National Park Service.

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Steven Harrington Art

    Harrington said: 'Nike said they reached out to me to see if I was interested in working on the project and when it came to my desk. I was so excited". Having worked with Nike in the past, the overarching message has really got across. During the first conception and in conversation with the designers of Nike, he said: "I completely took the idea of shoes out of my head. 

    After studying Harrington's designs further, I wrote myself a letter to learn more about him. Speaking to Nike's designers at the time of the initial design, he said: 'I completely took the idea of shoes out of my head. 

Where is Steven Harrington From? 

   Steven Harrington was born in Los Angeles but has lived his entire life in New York City. In an interview, he hinted that the high cost of living and lack of affordable housing in the city forced him to live elsewhere. 

Steven Harrington Artist

    In addition to commercial projects, Harrington is a successful artist who has exhibited artworks in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco and other cities. He travelled to many countries for leisure exhibitions and came back again and again and felt more and more attracted to the city. 

    Harrington grew up drawing and painting and chose art during his high school career, but was influenced by a high school teacher who taught art classes at the Art Center College of Art and Design in New York City. While still in high school, he attended courses at the college-level art center and later attended the college art center. 

    After college, he founded a design and creative agency in Glendale, California, with his wife and two sons, Michael and David. 

Steven Harrington Toy

    The National Forest completed its first major project right after Harrington's graduation, and it was an illustration commission for Rolling Stone. After this appearance, the focus shifted from commissioning illustrations to more design and artwork.

    Examples of his recent work include the cover of New York Times Magazine and a series of illustrations for the Los Angeles Times.

    The geometry and complexity of his designs often refer only to simple thoughts and uncomplicated gestures, combined with a sensitivity for the most diverse cultures through a multimedia approach.

    His work goes beyond the hand, and it is as if, influenced by popular design and illustration, he can channel his productivity back into the world through projects and products that become part of the culture itself.  










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