Takashi Murakami Pillow - A Popular Art Collectible

     Takashi Murakami pillow or plushies (if that's what you like to call them), have been rapidly gaining popularity online. If you're into contemporary art and you don't know who Takashi Murakami is, you're probably living under a rock. He's one of the most popular contemporary artists in the world today, his art is collected by many in the space. His flower can be spotted in his art, brand collaborations and of course his famous Takashi Murakami pillows.

    Over the years, art and street fashion culture has fallen in-love with Murakami's adorable colourful flower. With the fame of this flower, Takashi Murakami has made everything out of this flowers .. from prints, pillows, stickers and even NFT's! 

Takashi Murakami Flower Pillow

     If you're reading this article and confused about what's exactly so special about this pillow, well it's not really anything. People put value on brands that mean absolutely nothing, it's called branding. Just like one goes after designer brands or nike shoes over adidas, strictly because of the brand. Well just because one would prefer one thing over the other because of it's branding, is exactly why this Takashi Murakami pillow has become such a popular collectible. 

Takashi Murakami Pillow Flower Meaning

    What does the flower mean? The Flowers have been dominating fashion since 1995 when the first Murakami Flowers artworks were released. Murakami's Louis Vuitton collaboration that heavily drew from the Flowers lasted nearly two decades. A Supreme x Takashi Murakami flowery box logo raised more than one million dollars for COVID-19 relief. Traditional Japanese painting is the source of the Murakami Flower. 

    In Japanese traditional painting, the flower has been a significant symbol. Some of Takashi Murakami's flower artwork sells for millions of dollars today. It has taken over pop culture and Murakami Flowers are now found on many different objects. The Murakami Flower can be found on all things, from food packaging to pop culture and luxury goods. To learn more, visit our article in depth guide on this this.

Smiling Flower

 Takashi Murakami Pillow collection - Credits Reddit User: Ceesup168

    Like I said before, this cute pillow collectible is simply an art toy collectible. Art toys are toys created by reputable/famous artist and are collected by all sorts of people. Other very popular art toys are KAWS Figures and Bearbricks, they're also collected by those who collect Murakami pillows. 

Where to Buy Takashi Murakami Pillow

    With the rise in popularity for these plush pillow flowers, has come a influx of fake replicas both online and at some retail stores even. So watch out, you don't want to overpay or think you're getting a deal, when what you're buying is in fact fake! And if you're a true fan in either collecting anything or respect any form of art, you have absolutely zero interest in purchasing a fake.

    I'm not going to get into the details of how to spot a fake Takashi Murakami pillow, because I honestly don't know how. Why bother anyways? Just purchase from reputable platforms selling only authentic collectibles.  

Murakami Flower

    These collectible pillows can go for anywhere from $200 - $5000+ USD, all depending on the size of the plush pillow as well as the rarity of it. People are obsessed with this flower plush toy, just go on youtube and search it up; theres people showing off their collections or doing unboxing videos and more. 

    There's other plush toys by Murakami but the flower pillow is the most famous creation by far. Might I add, these pillows tend to sell more in the future, why not get a plush decoration for your place and then possible sell it for more in the future? By the way, Not Financial Advice 

Here's a list of Trusted Platforms to Buy/Sell

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This Article is NOT Investing or Financial advice, we're sharing our opinions respectfully from a speculative point of view. 


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