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    The Walled Off Hotel may seem sensible, even gloomy. Its owner claims the hotel "has the worst view on earth", while its 10 rooms capture only 25 minutes of direct sunlight every day (not something necessary ideal when visiting any hotel). Each of the rooms look out on to the concrete section of the wall and a few have views on it into pill boxes along with an Israeli settlement -- prohibited under international law -- about the hillside beyond. 

    Ever since that time, the city's pilgrim and sightseeing-based market was contested by ever-tighter Israeli controllers on traveling between Israel and the Palestinian territories, therefore the brand new resort is expected to offer a welcome increase in visitor and jobs numbers. Banksy obviously wants us to visit Palestine and of course, learn more about the land. 


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     “Walls are hot right now, but I was into them long before [Donald] Trump made it cool,” said Banksy in a statement. The artist, who fiercely guards his anonymity, first came to Bethlehem more than a decade ago, leaving a series of paintings on the barrier that have become a tourist destination in their own right. The Walled Off Hotel has just 9 rooms and one type of package Prices vary from a 60-a-night bed in a shared dormitory into the' presidential package', which comprises a tiki bar, a house theater and a dip tub for four. The Walled Off Hotel's nine rooms were completely booked for 3 months within months of its launching.

    “It’s exactly 100 years since Britain took control of Palestine and started rearranging the furniture – with chaotic results,” Banksy said. “I don’t know why, but it felt like a good time to reflect on what happens when the United Kingdom makes a huge political decision without fully comprehending the consequences.” 

Banksy Hotel

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    Banksy seems to have a deep connection for Palestine, many of his famous artwork was created in various parts of Palestine. The fact he only owns one business and its Bethlehem, Palestine, should say enough. His idea is to promote tourism to the area with his hotel and it's done just that. This hotel is famous worldwide, many come into the West Bank, just for a glimpse or overnight stay at the hotel.

    Through various works, Banksy has tried to educate us all on the history of Palestine. How the occupation started, Englands involvement with occupying the land over a 100 years ago now. Banksy has always been one to speak for those who don't have a voice. Though with the rise of many being educated on what's going on in occupied Palestine, many seem to be more well aware on the occupation of Palestine. 

Does Banksy Own The Hotel?

    Yes Banksy does own the hotel, in fact this is the only business on record that anonymous street artist Banksy owns. He's done many various exhibitions, art stunts worldwide. But they were all temporary, unlike the The Walled Off Hotel, which has now been open for just over 4 years now. The hotel was rumoured to only go on for a 1 year installation. Instead, four years later now, it's still operating. The Walled Off Hotel is an entirely independent leisure facility set up and financed by Banksy himself. 

Banksy Palestine

Credit: TheWalledOffHotel 

    Bringing awareness to the occupation and tourism to the Palestinian territories has been proven since the hotels opening. To many Banksy fans, this should not come as a surprise. As Banksy is known for speaking out for others who don't have a voice, or in this case a suppressed voice. Thanks to internationally renowned street artist Banksy. The hotel claims a unique slogan: "The worst view of any hotel in the world." This slogan pokes at the occupations treatment of the Palestinians. 

The Walled Off Hotel

Credit: TheWalledOffHotel

    One of Banksy’s original paintings at the Walled Off Hotel, Mediterranean Sea View 2017.  The artwork was later sold at Sotheby's, featured in our article on Banksy's charitable contributions to Palestine.  

    There's a gift shop inside with various unique souvenirs you can pick up, associated to the hotel as well as Banksy. Some see this as a cash grab, they purchase items and resell them online for a higher value. Running independently from the resort, the gallery within Walled Away is the"biggest permanent platform for unsigned designers to showcase their work in Palestine". Regular exhibitions are organized by local curators and also the distance expects to attract emerging and established Palestinian artists to a global audience. 

Where is the famous Hotel? 

   The Walled Off Hotel is located at: 182 Caritas Street, Bethlehem, Palestine. The hotel is in the West Bank, the current Palestinian side. In order to get there, you will have to cross into the West Bank to get to the hotel.


Credit: MiddleEastEye  

    The occupied state strictly promotes against going into the West Bank because of quote on quote "danger". Danger is suggested because this is Palestinian territory, when in fact this is exactly the subject Banksy is tackling with his hotel. Advising others to come into the West Bank and visit Palestinians, showing the normality of things. Despite the false accusations of the occupation. Nonetheless, even with the false rhetoric, this has not stopped many Banksy fans and curious tourist from crossing into the Bethlehem to either visit or stay at the famous hotel. No one thought a temporary one year hotel installation would turn into the most popular tourist attraction in Palestine. 

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