Impressionism Modernism art, what is it?

    The Impressionist Modernism Art movement was a 19th-century Modernist Art movement. It was a radical departure from the academic art teachings at the time. Impressionist painters wanted to capture a feeling of immediateness. Impressionism's subject matter is often casual and everyday, with the atmosphere and light enhancing it. 

    The 'Avant Guarde art style of Impressionism was developed in France. It was created alongside other painters who were exploring the 'Plein air' method of painting. The public initially was hostile to the new movement. They eventually came to accept that the Impressionists had captured an original vision.

Impressionism-modernism-artSan Giorgio Maggiore at Dusk - Claude Monet  

    Impressionism modernism art is a style that was developed in France in the late 19th century. It describes a type of painting that depicts the exact representation of natural light. Monet's work, which gave Impressionism its name and is still a symbol of the style today, is Monet's. Three other artists worked in a similar fashion to Monet: Camille Pissarro and Alfred Sisley. Berthe Morisot was also a part of this group. Monet's outdoor painting technique, called plein air painting, was inherited from Barbizon School landscape painters. It was widely used by impressionists. This led to new innovations in the representations of sunlight and time, which were the two main themes of Impressionism. 

Alfred sisley art

 The Small Meadows - Alfred Sisley  

    Partly, Impressionism was developed as a response to photography's challenges. It seemed to diminish the artist’s ability to reproduce reality. Despite this, photography inspired artists to explore other artistic expressions. Rather than trying to replicate reality with photography, impressionists tried to express their views of nature and urban life. 

    To achieve a particular hue or colour, artists used to mix paints on their palette before applying them to the canvas. Impressionists broke with this traditional formula by directly painting unmixed colors on the canvas. Each hue can be seen as a separate color, but they will visually blend together to create a vibrant and flickering atmosphere. To view some impressionism modern art sale, visit Artsy

Berthe morisot artThe Harbour at Lorient - Berthe Morisot 

    The Impressionists rejected both the subject matter and techniques of their predecessors. They demonstrated that modern life needed a new language to reflect the dramatic changes in society. Critics responded with horror and amazement. 

    While conservative critics criticized the sketchy quality of their paintings while progressive ones praised their innovative portrayals of modern life. The Impressionists captured everyday subjects engaged in daily activities in urban and rural settings. Impressionist artists blurred the lines between background and subject so that impressionist paintings often look like a snapshot of a larger reality, as if it were a random part of that larger reality.


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