What is VEVE Collectibles? - A Rising NFT Platform

    VEVE Collectibles is a the third largest NFT platform by trading volume in the world. And I wouldn't be surprised if it becomes second or third soon because of its unique traits as a platform.

    VEVE works directly with many brands for official licensing on brands we know and love. This allows them to release digital collectibles with these iconic brands we know so well, they've worked with Marvel, Disney, Givenchy and many more. 

    Let me put things into a way many would understand quick, imagine owning an a digital version of the ORIGINAL Spiderman comic book that is officially licensed by Marvel. In reference, the physical/tangible version of this comic book last sold for 1.43 Million USD. Being able to say or show you own the digital/analog version of this collectible in web3/metaverse, will be big. 


List of Various Franchises VEVE has established licensing deals with

    If you don't already know what an NFT is, I invite you to visit our various articles on NFT's. Let me remind you all and NFT does NOT have to be digital art or a picture of something. NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token, anything can essentially be digitalized and claim representation online with an NFT. NFT's can be a song, or part ownership of a property, NFT's are not only digital art.

    VEVE allows us to understand this concept better because the platform revolves around people collecting collectibles instead of digital art. Collectibles are a form of art, you'll catch Sotheby's selling comic books or other nostalgic items at auction. 

Veve Drops

Photo Credits: VEVE.me  

    VEVE has formed partnerships with many big brands such as Warner Bros, Disney, Capcom, DC comics and Marvel. Their Ghostbusters, Batman and Spiderman, Superman drops, Powerpuff Girls, Harley Quinn drops, have been some of the most loved collectibles.

How VEVE Works 

    VEVE's parent company Econmi had this to say about the platform "VE-VE is an app-based marketplace for premium licensed digital collectibles. With VE-VE, users can obtain common, rare, or one-of-a-kind digital collectibles, customize and showcase them in the virtual showrooms, as well as buy, sell or trade collectibles with other VE-VE users - all from the palm of their hand.”

    VEVE's Augmented Reality allows you to take photos with your favourite collectibles. You can scan the surrounding area and use their AR feature to drop your digital collectible anywhere you like. Your collectibles can be moved, rotated, scaled, and sent to friends or shared on social media.

VEVE collectibles

Photo Credits: VEVE.me  

   VEVE's secondary marketplace allows you to get an estimate of the value and buy or sell collectibles that you don't currently have. VeVe's secondary market does not allow you to exchange cash. Instead, you can trade in their native token "gems". 1 gem equals $1 USD. Basically a stable-coin for the platform. 

    Soon, you will be able swap your gems for VEVE's token OMI, this token does fluctuate based on market value like another cryptocurrency. You then will be able to switch your OMI token to USD and cash out to cold hard cash to your bank account.

VEVE lane

OMI Token performance in the 6 Months - Photo Credit: CoinCodex

    Currently there's no exact timeline for when this feature will be announced. So at this time of the article, you can only buy into the collectibles and when you sell them for Gem's, your gems will stay simply have to stay in the platform. 

Which VEVE NFT to Buy 

     When learning about NFT's, many instantly get attracted to the price upticks that have occurred in 2021. They hear what some NFT's are being bought for and resold for and think "I want to flip NFT's for large sums of money". And some come for both monetary gain as well as the aspect of collecting NFT's similar to one who collects baseball cards, other sports memorabilia or Pokemon card perhaps. 

    Now i'm not going to tell you EXACTLY what NFT to buy, but I will say what I said earlier in this article again because it's important to hear if you're curious on how to make some money with VEVE. 

Veve Disney nft


Spiderman #1 Comic Book - Last Sale Price: 1.4 Million - PhotoCredits: Marvel
- The original comic was obviously sold for cents under a dollar, way back when.
Spiderman Veve Nft

Photo Credits: VEVE.me - Article / List Price: $6.99 USD - Current Price: $16,000 USD

    This platform has official licensing with all these iconic brands we know well. Disney memorabilia sells for millions, original old school comic books fetches 100's of thousands if not millions, action figures in mint condition go for a lot as well ... are you getting my point? 

    All of these tangible things are being DIGITALIZED and will hold somewhat of the value of the TANGIBLE version of the item, if not maybe more! 

    Just like one would show off their KAWS collection on display in their home, VEVE allows you to view your collectibles in the same manner digitally on their platform. Keep in mind, you will soon be able to show off your collectibles in various forms in the various metaverse's in the future.

    If someones visiting your place in the metaverse, they can see you own that super rare Spiderman comic book or they can spot your Givenchy digital clothing in your closet. I know sounds a bit out there, but it's not. Keep up.  

Harley Quinn VEVE

Photo Credits: VEVE.me  

    Several VeVe collectors have already seen quite the significant increase in their portfolio's value. For example the Ultra Rare Harley Quinn first edition, designed by Steve Pugh, is one of the most sought-after collectibles on the platform. It currently has a floor price of $11,900 USD. This collectible was limited to 500 copies and originally sold for $79.99 at the drop! That's quite the increase, to say the least.

    Currently the most expensive collectible on the platform is the Ultra Rare Donny from the Powerpuff Girls. Originally 150 were minted at the original price of $16.99 USD, the current floor price is $84,000.00 USD. The ROI on this is 4970x! 

Will VEVE Get Pokemon? 

    Unless you were living under a rock in 2021, i'm sure you saw an article or two discussing the surge in prices for Pokemon cards. Many brought out their old collections and began to auction them online, auction houses began to auction them off. Some cards going for 100's of thousands and some for millions, for a card that would have cost you cents 20 years ago .. crazy, I know. 

    Many are now curious whether VEVE will get the digital licensing for Pokemon and began to add the digital form of cards in the Metaverse. With where the prices have gone in the last year or so with Pokemon cards, you can understand why many are curious if this collaboration is going to happen. Pokemon is loved brand, similar to DC, Marvel etc. Don't know about you but I grew up collecting the cards and playing the games growing up. 

    I think it will happen because at moment VEVE is the largest NFT platform in the world with NFT licensing, they have the platform and members. The platform is focusing strictly on collectibles rather than an open market where anyone can post their NFT's and sell them, like OpenSea. If contemporary artist Daniel Arsham got licensing with Pokemon, I do believe eventually VEVE will be the one to gain Pokemon's licensing for digital collectibles. 



Disclaimer: This Article is NOT investing or financial advice, we're sharing our opinion respectfully from a speculative point of view. 


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