Why Cleon Peterson is Very Underrated

    Cleon Peterson is a contemporary artists of of Los Angeles, California; who's been making it up the ranks the last few years in the contemporary art world. His work is being displayed with the likes of Damien Hirst, Shepard Fairey and much more.

    Cleon's work is noticeable from a mile away, you know a Cleon Peterson's artwork when you see it. His violent and chaotic paintings depict clashing figures that symbolize a struggle for power in today's unstable architecture. 

Cleon Peterson  Cleon Peterson in Paris in 2016 (Credit:Thomas Samson/AFP/Getty Images)

Why Cleon Peterson is Underrated 

    Let's first discuss the world of art collecting. Art collecting is like stock picking, you want to find artists who are established but not too far into their careers. So you can purchase their work at a reasonable price and watch as it goes up in value over the years as their career flourishes.

    Putting that thought on a side for a second, lets speak on why exactly Cleon Peterson is currently underrated. It all goes back to an artists artwork at the end of the day, maybe a little hype but the artwork is what tends to matter most. And Cleon's work is something out of this world, it's unique, its political, it's violent, and most important it always makes one think when they look at any of his work.  

Cleon Peterson Prints

This is DejaVu all Over Again II - Cleon Peterson

    Cleon Peterson has exhibited in Chicago, Los Angles, New York, Australia, Hong Kong, Paris, Singapore and London. He's also been published in both The New York Times as well as LA Weekly. Quite a resume for an artist currently selling artwork for under $500.00. 

    Yes you read that right, you can acquire a lot of Cleon's work for under $500, most of his work priced under $500 is from release directly from his own webstore. Point two, his work is an absolute steal right now compared to what is career's resume shows. Peterson’s work is in a number of notable private collections worldwide.

Cleon-Peterson-PrintBurnout (White) 2021 - Cleon Peterson 

    As an avid contemporary art collector, I can tell you this .. there's several artists at the moment less known and established as Cleon Peterson right now selling their artwork for a 3-5 multiple from what Cleon's work is currently going for.

    The price of an artists work can be hard to determine but as I stated earlier, lucky for you we have a guide to assist you on how to determine the price of art.

    Keep in mind work being resold that's been released by Cleon already, will end up costing you more. Understand that the moment Cleon Peterson releases work, more than likely if its resold it will sell more than the price Cleon released it for. So the cheapest way to acquire his work would be from his initial releases on his webstore. 

Cleon Peterson NFT So It Goes - Cleon Peterson / Credits: NiftyGateway 

     Unlike most artists, Cleon Peterson is keeping up with the evolution of art today. He's got quite the successful NFT portfolio which can be viewed here on NiftyGateway.

    Now whatever your thoughts may be about NFT's, they have become a part of the art world as a whole. With auctions happening at both the largest auction houses in the world Sotheby's and Christie's. Cleon, unlike many other artists has taken advantage of that and collaborated with a digital artists to help him create NFT collections to sell; might I add .. his NFT releases have done quite well. 

Cleon Peterson Prints 

    I would say Cleon is best known for his fine art prints, despite traditionally being a painter. If you aren't already familiar what fine art prints are, they're high quality prints of an artists work. They are released from the artist directly, meaning they are original. Most of Cleon's prints are released with a limited amount as well as his signature, both these things add to the value of the print. 

    Cleon work consists primarily of large stencil paintings but his work sold has primarily been prints. I believe he's done this to create accessibility to his work, which is amazing for art lovers/collectors.

Cleon Peterson Art Out of the Darkness (Black) 2018 - Cleon Peterson

    Now, if you can afford original Cleon work, have at it! But it will end up costing you $10,000+ USD. Most of us don't have that type of money to purchase artwork with, this is why in this article I advocate about Cleon Peterson prints. 

    His prints you can buy on his webstore for $120 - $2000 USD depending on the size of the piece of work. If you're looking to browse his work currently being resold, I suggest Artsy


This Article is NOT Investing or Financial advice, we're sharing our opinions respectfully from a speculative point of view. 


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